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10 Best Practices for Teaching Online

Online Teaching can also be called  E-Teaching, Online Teaching can be delivered in one or several ways such as:

  1. Recording a lecture and broadcasting through
  2. Live teaching in real time through Skype, Zoom and other digital networks
  3. Taking assignments using Learning Management System
  4. Blended Teaching- Mixing Online Teaching with Face-to-Face Teaching

Going through Online Teaching for you can be voluntary or can be compulsory or can be situational, like in times of today, when social distancing measures have been implemented across the globe. Today time has provided an excellent opportunity for all types of teachers to upgrade skills of Online Teaching.

To help you, today, we are going to share Ten Best Practices for Online Teaching. This guide written by Dr. Judith V. Boettcher, she is a renowned professor and writer of one of the best book for Online Teaching i.e., “The Online Teaching Survival Guide.” The second edition (2016)  is currently not available in India. You can check previous version from 2010.

Dr. Judith has worked with the Faculty of Penn State University, Florida State University, the University of Florida, and the Duquense University of Pittsburgh. She is also the founder of the website This website also is beneficial for teachers who want to learn in the step-by-step manners- How to teach Online

 10 Best Practices for Teaching Online:

  1. Be Present and Regular
  2. Create an Online Course Community
  3. Communicate clear Expectations to Students
  4. Use a variety of Discussion Forums for Small Group to Large Group
  5. Use Synchronous and Asynchronous tools
  6. Solicit Informal Feedback on How the Course is going
  7. Prepare discussion points for Questions, Reflections, and Responses
  8. Relate content to current and ongoing situations
  9. Combine Core concepts with customized and Personalized Learning
  10. Plan a Good closing and wrap of session

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This content is written in the American context. I will like to hear from an Expert Online teacher from India- what are the ten best practices for teaching online with Indian Students and Parents. Do share through emails, youtube link, or wants to conduct a webinar, do write to us.




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