Should I go for Private Tuition?

At this time of the year, several thoughts in the mind go:

1. Should I have a private tutor for child or send my child to join coaching class?

2. How to find private tutor?

3. Should my child do self study?

I will try to cover answers of all your questions and thought process in going your mind.

Your child must be studying in one of the top schools. Teachers are giving due attention to cover course curriculum. You need to ask why you need private tuition?

Is it because your child is not able to cope up with the pace at which subjects are taught in school.

Your child is bright but struggling in understanding few concepts.

All other Friends have some or the other private tutor.

If you know clearly, why you need home tutor. It makes the process of finding one of the right tutor easier.

If your child is in standard 9th and 10th. Many times, I receive request to have one single teacher for all subjects. If you go with ICSE board, it has subjects like English, Hindi, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Maths, Social Studies ( History, Civics and Geography) or Economics or Computer.
Similar with other boards too, like CBSE state board and Ib or igcse.

You have to choose whether you want to have generalist or want to have specialist for each subjects. If you have problem with skin, you go to dermatologist (skin specialist) or problem with your chikd, you go to paedtrician. But, if you have fever, you go to General Physician and not to specialist.

Education is also a knowledge of higher discipline. When your child is in standard 7th or 6th, a single tutorcan handle all subjects with the exception of few subjects like Hindi or Marathi.

So, usual combination of teacher for Std 9th and 10th will be a tutor can take English and Social Studies, another tutor can take Maths and Science or can take Maths, Physics and chemistry or can take Maths and Physics. You can have tutor for Hindi or Marathi.

Many a times, you may not require tutor for all subjects. Have tutor, only if there is specific need, else self study is one of the best choice. In self study, you struggle and you learn the concept for life time. Education is more of finding solutions to problems. Quenching the thirst of curiosity.

If any tutor is spoon feeding or getting assignment done, I don’t consider to be good. Teacher should be guide or mentor but not solve.

In several occasions, you will discover that you do need teacher at first place, as school education is sufficient.

If you have already identified, why you need a tutor? The next process comes now, how to find a Home Tutor?

Do remember, private tutoring is expensive compared to coaching class or tuition fee of schools. The reasons are it requires personal attention. A tutor is devoting time to a single child instead of classroom. Tutor will come at your place. So, he or she is going to incur time and cost in travelling. So, for 1 hour session, one or two hours will be spent on travelling. In that time, tutor can utilize to take another

When you have to deal with so many tutors, you need patience and time to evaluate.

We have started asking feedback for each Tuition enquiry shared with you. It has become cumbersome and painful for many to give feedback. But, we have seen dramatic improvement in our performance. All credit goes to you.
I will like to list benefits and results that have been possible because of your feedback.
1. We know you better and help us in knowing you in holistic manner. We stay more connected with each other. It was the demand of large number of teachers to communicate over Whatsapp. We integrated whatsapp and you are more engaged.

2. Closure of tuition enquiry has become fast. We are now able to close tuition enquiry in a week’s time frame. Even though all enquiries are shared only after verification. Yet, when you try to reach students or parents, you get reply ” they have already got a tutor” and we take this kind of reply seriously. We immediately verify and remove tuition enquiry from our site.

3. Other problem, we have discovered that many of you don’t like to contact students or parents, but want to get call from them. And send SMS to them.

4. What feedback to share:
Feedback could be anything:
He/ she has already got the teacher.
Parents require only a female teacher.
Time mismatch
Parents not receiving call
Budget is very low

Ragendra G Mehta talks no non-sense. Qualified Be graduate, teaching for last 20 years. He teaches Maths and Technical Drawing for last 20 years. He takes tuition for all board CBSE, ICSE ib igcse and state board.
He has spent good times in town area of Mumbai. If you are not familiar with Mumbai, South Mumbai is called town.
His style of teaching is in group. Mostly he teaches in a group of 5. Takes only 1 session per week for Maths. That’s sufficient, he takes only 40 minutes, as he gives good amount of time for students to understand concept. Parents say that their child gets so much engrossed with Maths, students dont give much attention to other subjects.
Rajendra sir problem is that Students become so much clear with concepts, that few students never require tuition for Maths lifetime.

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