25 things school won’t tell you.

25 things school won’t tell you.

You have put your children in one of the top schools and are shelving Rs 1 Lac a year. Further, a private tutor is coming to your home to teach Science and Maths at your place.

Did you ask yourself, why you need a private tutor?? If your child is going in one of the Top school, you don’t need a home tutor. You must be thinking that Me and my spouse is working, and are not able to give time to child to teach. Hey, you are true. But this is the only reason? Question yourself? When you start analyzing further, you notice following things:
1. Class size is more than 50, so teacher is not able to individual attention to your child.
2. When your child gets stuck up, or not able to understand concept. He doesn’t ask question as he/she is too shy, since other students start laughing. Make fun.
3. Teacher is not regular and doesn’t teach well.
4. You skip Parents-teacher meet unless it is made compulsory, since you are pre-occupied with your job or business.

You will be wondering, if you read till end, how your school has taken you for a ride.

  1. Do you know, as per ICSE affiliation norms, a single class cannot have more than 45 students. You accepted the norm, no one is questioning, why should Me?
  2. You pay annual fee of Rs 1 Lac, but how much teacher get the annual salary. Roughly 1.2 Lacs to 2 Lacs yearly. Have you ever questioned where does the money go. If not paying to teacher then to whom?
  3. You must be thinking that school conducts lots of event, tour, runs Hobby classes, extra-curricular activities, sports day, annual day, so it must be spent there. Didnt you remember that each time your child ask for the money to give  for this kind of event or program. If you add it will be more than 10000 bucks.
  4. You find teachers are not good. This is because your school cannot afford to keep experienced and qualified tutor, as school pays penny. All good teachers have already started taking Private Tuition, or are in teaching coaching class.
  5. In some school, may be yours too, teachers are forced to do all admin work. Conducting fest, organizing events, compiling data, checking answer sheets. But, coaching class have separate staff. Your school don’t have it.
  6. Teachers are changed routinely and average life span of teacher is less than 2 years. This is because Fresher teachers, who are in need of job, joins your school. After experience, they leave for greener future.
  7. When parents like you, questions management or school principal, they pass the whole blame to Teachers, and threaten them that their jobs are at risk.
  8. Do you know, teachers are required to devote only 2/3rd of time for teaching, as they require free time to revitalize and update with latest trends. So, your teachers are not tuned with latest happenings, as they are over burdened with current assignments.
  9. Remember, you have got just a brand. Think twice before enrolling your child in good schools.

Is there any help in hand?
1. Of course yes, you can form parents association. Raise questions and ask clarification. If management does not listen, Trustees have to.
2. Neither Trustees nor Management is listening your voice, write letters to school affiliation authority, state education department.
3. Nothing is working out, take this matter to State Education minister and union education minister.
4. Protest wrongdoings in all Social Media and Parenting or Education website. Get media coverage. These days, no school can afford bad press. Even though, it doesn’t budge. Seriously, you must start exploring other schools.

We take easy task, have private tutor and expect wonders to happen. We don’t deny private tutor is not important. They are required for extra help and not for routine job. Coaching and private tutor was for Fillers, but it has become dangerous trend. This situation is not going to change immediately, but awareness and effort is required from your side.

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