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3 Tips to Write Attractive Tutor Profile Title

Your tutor profile title is the first written statement that a student or parent view, when they visit your profile page or while searching in Google. Along with your profile photo, profile title is viewed by parents and students.

The first impression creates in these two things, and further discussion starts. So, you need to have a good profile photo and profile title.

What is Tutor Profile Title?

A profile title is a brief description of yourself that highlights your value as a teacher. Profile Title sits at the top of your teacher profile page along with your profile photo, and most likely students or parents make an opinion through the title, whether it’s worthwhile to know more about you or not.

Tutor Profile Title is ideal for teachers with much experience. Because headline allows you to describe yourself in one line which highlights your expertise and area of teaching expertise. However, teachers with less experience should not worry, they can use profile title to describe personal attributes and skills

To make your life easy, I have compiled

The three tips with examples to help you write attractive Profile Title:

Short and Simple:

You should be able to describe yourself in one line in less than 12-15 words. For a detailed description of yourself, you have a tutor profile description to express yourself. The goal is to highlight what quality, skills, and experience will be valuable for the student. You have to think from the perspective of the student or parent. Anything longer will defeat the purpose of Profile TitleĀ 

Capital Letter

Capitalize Your Headline:

You get Liberty to write all in capital letters, or the First letter of each word can be Capital Letter. Since it is a profile title, you have to grab attention, and it will be visible in the bold letter on the website.

Why having Keywords is important in Tutor Profile

Use Keywords:

You may be teaching lots of subjects, but you want to focus on one particular issue or area seriously. For Example, as a math teacher, you want to focus on Algebra or Calculus, you can include those in profile title. Alternatively, an Accounts Teacher intends to concentrate on Tax.

Similarly, a Chemistry teacher wants to focus on Organic Chemistry. Whatever you want to focus on years of experience like 27 Years Experience, 7+ Years of experience, etc. These kinds of keywords grab the attention of the student and parent.

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Few Examples of Tutor Profile Title:

Ph.D. in English with 20 years of Tutoring English:

Reading this profile tutor will make an impression that you are going to deal with an experienced teacher having 20 years experience and also have qualification for this role. Moreover, also he/she has described which subjects he teaches. Within ten words, the title can explain his skills, subjects, and experience.

M. Tech in Electrical Engineering, 10+ Years experience in teaching:

Again this profile talks about his professional qualification coupled with experience. Even though not stating subjects which subjects he teaches but makes an exciting start to view his profile further

Accounting/Finance Tutor/ Advance Excel with 5+ years of experience:

This profile title, besides displaying the basic subjects he teaches, also states that he can take teaching or Tutoring in related domains like Excel and also he has experience in education.

You must be noticing that teachers with experience do mention how many years he is teaching. As in this profession or any other profession, having experience is always given higher weight age.

We also prefer to have teachers with experience, as we have realized that teachers with more senior experience are more severe and committed towards teaching profession

Passionate about tutoring Biology, Chemistry, and Maths

This teaching profile is for a teacher who has just started teaching the having experience of fewer than two years. You don’t want to highlight your less teaching experience in the profile title, but at the same time, you are delivering a strong message that you are passionate about teaching subjects. Even having less experience but strong word is making a good impression.

Few more examples:

  • Maths IIM Bangalore, Gold Medallist with GMAT 740
  • Experienced Chemistry teacher, Ph.D., and teaching for 30 Years
  • Skilled Physics Tutor, well versed in all Science Subjects
  • Organic and General Chemistry; New to MyTrustedTutor.com but not new to Tutoring
  • Experienced Tutor with an excellent background in Chemistry and Maths subjects
  • History and English Tutor with 15+ Years of Experience

If the above mentioned were considered to be good profile title, I would say, a few examples, which are not considered to be good. The profile Title is shallow. Let’s go with few examples

Less Researched and not Good Tutor Profile Title:

Some teachers are lazy and are not interested in writing or devoting profile title. The profile title writes very generically. Either it shows that they are not interested in this profession or have just joined to earn extra money. However, we are biased towards committed and serious Tutor:


  1. Maths Tutor
  2. Teaching
  3. Maths
  4. Teacher
  5. Professor
  6. Lecturer
  7. Hindi Teacher

Profile title should always display more about you rather than just a generic word, like a tutor or teacher or professor or lecturer. Anyone visiting this website is looking for a teacher, so there is no point in repeating the same thing, rather it should be descriptive.

All the above examples are not able to create any visuals or images about you; this will not encourage students or parents to view your profile.

Further, this one or two-worded profile title will not be getting the ranking advantage at MyTrustedTutor.com

An ideal profile should contain (Qualification, Experience, and Area of expertise)

Still confused, you can write to us through Contact Us Page Form and will help you in making a good profile title for you


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