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5 Tips to have Great Professional Photo

According to Marketing Guru Guy Kawasaki: “People do not study profiles to make a fair and informed decision. They spend a few seconds and make a snap decision,”

So, we are also biased towards teachers who have a great professional photo than teachers who are not having a photo. Our ranking and algorithms place teachers with pictures on a higher ranking than teachers who are not having pictures in their tutor profile. In short, if you have a good professional photo, you will get more tuition inquiry requests from students.

Your photo is the First Impression, and a picture depicts a lot more than your profile description. Research suggests that teachers with good profile photos have higher chances of receiving learning requests than the teacher with not good profile photo or no photo.

Your photo is an integral part of teachers’ profile, and it helps fellow students or parents to connect immediately. Before even contacting, students make an impression about you.

So, let’s quickly go through 5 essential tips to build a great professional profile photo

Recent Photo with Face:

Your profile photo should have face visible that it should be from your Head to Shoulder. Your picture should be current so that a student what they see in Profile Photo should be looking to meet the same person for a tutoring lesson. Your photo should be smiling; no one likes to see a sad or angry face. It should be a close-up photo and please don’t hear hats and sunglasses.  

Have Professional Photo:

Take a selfie, only if you are not an expert. Most of the selfie photos are distorted. You can take the help of your families and friends to take a picture with an excellent Mobile Camera or DSLR. If you are not able to make a magnificent professional photo yourself, do visit studios and take good professional photos. It’s better to invest little money and have a good professional photo. It will not cost much.

Solid Background:

Take photos in a solid and light-colored background. If you have taken pictures with your mobile phone, it should not have a photo that you are driving cars, or dressing up or going to a party. Avoid busy backgrounds like words, geometric shapes, and it just distracts focus from your face and personality to other objects. Use a contrasting background with a unique color that contrasts with your face. 


No students like to see a photo of whether you are attending marriage function or attending seminars or holidaying, and you have taken a picture.

This photo could be useful for your social media sites like Face book and Instagram. However, here, it should be an excellent professional photo with no disturbing background like in streets or black-board/white-board is in background. The place should have proper lighting and have a clear focus on your face.

A photo should be of only you, not with your fellow students or teachers or with your spouse or children. It just distracts and doesn’t set a good first impression.


You should be well dressed for the occasion. Like Male Teacher can wear Suit, Blazer, and Tie or clean Shirt and Pant, well dressed.

The female teacher can wear Saree or Suit or any other dress which you wear in daily life or the way you want to present yourself.

It could be traditional Indian attire also or western wear too. You are going to put a close-up photo with clear visibility of the face.  

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