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6 Tips for building a Great Tutor Profile

You have decided to build your career in teaching and have been teaching for a couple of years. Now, you have chosen or in the process of deciding to build/re-build your tutor profile at In this article, I will help you learn- How to build a Great Tutor Profile

Teaching is your hobby or passion. Or you want to teach for your Bread and Butter (or in the Indian context for your Roti, Kapda, and Makaan i.e., Food, Clothes, and Shelter).

Currently, you get tuition requests from your neighborhood, friends, families, colleagues. Or from the referral of previous students or parents or you advertise locally to get tuition requirements.

Somehow, you have felt that tuition inquiry flow is not regular or you have to devote more time in advertising than teaching. Further, advertising you don’t like to do, but you have no choice, as you want to keep yourself productive for most time of the days or weeks.

At, we help in showcasing your tutor profile to students or parents, who in turn inquires further. Like you, there are thousands of other tutors who are also competing for the same number of tuition requests. So, only the best and the most preferred or one of the best teachers must get discovered on the website. 

More often, we have discovered that teachers do not devote much time in building a tutor profile. So, parents and students are not able to find or explore one of the best tutors, and the great teacher is not able to find students. So, instead of teaching, teachers have to devote more time to marketing and advertising.

So, today I am going to share six essential tips for building a great tutor profile which will help in getting discovered:

Have a flawless Profile Photo-

This is the first thing student, or parents view whenever they log in Tutor profile. So, your profile photo should be professional, precise, and up-to-date. You make a first impression with your profile image, and students/parents make a reasonable opinion about you. Your profile photo includes images from Heads to Shoulder. So don’t wear funky looks with sunglasses and weird hairstyles or wearing hats or caps. You can read more guidelines at 5 Tips to have Great Professional Photo . This is the first step to build a great tutor profile


Have a Perfect Profile Title:

More often than not, teachers write a generic title like, Math Tutor, Teacher, Tutor, or Teaching is Passion. All this description fails to convey about you. Profile title ideally should have qualifications, experience, and area of expertise.

For example, M.Sc Physics, 7 Years of experience in teaching Science and Physics.  These kinds of titles convey the clear message that the teacher is qualified, have the experience, and what subjects he/she is interested in teaching. These kinds of claim develop interest, and student/parent feel interested in knowing further. Read further at 3 Tips to write attractive Profile Heading/Title, which can help you master the art of describing better in one line.

This is the second step to build a great tutor profile.


About Me/ Bio:

This section gives you a platform to write more about you, and the student/parent expects to know softer aspects of your personality. Subjects you teach, qualifications you possess, whether you take in-person tutoring, or locations you show are already covered in other section of tutor profile. In this section, try to answer the following questions, which student/parents are interested in knowing like:

  • Why students take learning lessons from you?
  • How would you assist students in achieving good results
  • What qualification or experience make you suitable
  • What is the depth of understanding of subjects and how you approach a different kind of students

Lastly, your tone of language should not be the First Person like “I” or “Me” instead; it should be “You.”

You should be talking more about the outcome, like how students will get benefit from styles of teaching. Talk about your experience of teaching other students, what you have learned from teaching past students, and how are you going to apply to prospective students.You can read more in another article at “How to write Profile Description”. In that article, we discussed with a few examples which will give a good start to write the perfect profile description.

This is the Third step to build a great tutor Profile

Tuition Preferred Place and Preferred Area

Preferred Place and Preferred Area:

When student/parent looks for private lessons or home tutoring, more often than not, they look for a teacher to come to student place. So, the teacher taking tuition at student place is most likely to be preferred. Again, it’s a personal choice for you. If you are taking teaching at your location, you should keep the following things in mind:- 

  • You should have dedicated a place in your Flats/Apartments or houses, wherever you stay
  • You have a non-distracted environment where there no distraction/noise, the area should be well-lit and well-ventilated
  • If staying in a housing society or rental apartment, you should have permission to undertake classes from your house

If you are going to students place to take tuition, you should consider the following things

The student place should not be very far, and you should not find difficulty in traveling. A short radius or short distance should be excellent, which you can go from your vehicle or public transport or private taxi. Further, you should be able to factor in traffic time, weather conditions, ease of getting public transportation, etc.

Your Fee should include all costs associated with traveling and travel time

This is the 4th steps to build a great tutor profile.

Tutors Subjects and Educational Qualification

Subjects and Qualifications:

You should mention all the Qualifications, Degrees, Certificates, and Diplomas you have acquired. Your qualification helps in knowing you as a teacher better. Include only those certifications, which you can show if required or demanded.

Your credential helps in building the credibility of your brand. You should be highly selective in choosing subjects. Just for the sake of teaching or getting tuition, don’t select all subjects. Instead, you want subjects in which you have mastery or can teach with ease.

Before taking subjects, you should have a thorough knowledge of course contents, exam pattern, if any. Do read, 5 tips in selecting subjects to teach, which will help in deciding which subjects to teach

Tuition Fee for Home Tutors

Tuition Fees:

You should be charging not less and not more than the prevailing market rate. If your charge is less, it will be considered suspicious about your ability.

Further, you will end up taking low fees and struggling financially and not able to fulfill commitments. If you are charging higher prices, expectations, and outcomes will be higher, which you should be able to meet or satisfy with your expert domain knowledge.

Even if you are confused, we have tuition fee tracker guidelines to assist in deciding rates. Do mention tuition fee rates per hour or per course, whichever you find it suitable. Do read, What Tuition Fee should I quote

Conclusion: How to build a great tutor profile

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