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8 Secrets to become successful Well Paid Tutor

Who doesn’t want to earn INR 2000+/ hour? The amount looks to be high and well-paid, but do you make it. No. Is it possible? Of course, it is, and you can earn these high rates repeatedly, and parents are willing to pay for it.

Today, I am going to share Top 8 secrets to earn highly paid tutoring assignment:-

  1. Make your profile Page informative and informal:

The tutor profile page is not your resume page but a way to showcase your skills, experiences, and struggles and how you have overcome your struggles.

No person is perfect, and everyone writes to read struggle and likes to know how an ordinary person has gained extra-ordinary skills.

Read How to write a Profile Description

If you are a Math teacher, tell students or parents how you have advanced skills to make Math simple.

I do remember when in post-graduation we were studying, we had a subject called Economics. Everyone thought it to be annoying, but the professor made it one of the exciting subject of Post-graduation.

He can relate every concept and every example with our daily lives. He did not teach Economics, but he guided a life-long lesson, how to describe any event like GDP, Inflation, RBI actions, Government’s Budget with a real-life example.

He interpreted and explained how to read any business newspaper like Economics Times, Business Standard. Today, also, I appreciate his way of teaching.

 So, you should always focus on telling about your teaching styles and methods you have adopted to deliver your learning lesson. This goes a long way in knowing more about you.

2. Always Under-promise and over-deliver:

That’s a secret of undermining expectations. In life, how you manage expectations is the secret of getting a tremendous outcome. Just for example, to your kid, if you promise three cookies and give only two cookies, your kid will not be satisfied and will be thinking that he/she has got less.

But, who has built the expectation of 3 cookies, you have created it. In the same situation, you have said that you will give one cookie, but in reality, you have given two cookies, the same child will be over-excited that he was expecting one but got 2.

That’s happening everywhere, so as a teacher- never over-promise to student/parent that this kind of results you will be able to deliver. You must know that you are just one part of the game; another part of the play is a student himself/herself where you have limited control in achieving an outcome. You can manage the issue, or you cannot. So, build limited expectations for students/parents.

Like, is a student is scoring 40-50% in Chemistry without you, you can say that you can improve results up to 65-70%, i.e., improvement of 30-40% in score over 4-5 months.

But, if a student starts scoring 85-90%, you will be appreciated much and will be regarded as one of the best teachers for that child, and you will be recommended. You will be the talk of the town, so how you manage the expectation of students/ parents will be a crucial factor.

3. Manage Round Goals:

Every parent/student expects how results/improvements can be measured. Though it’s difficult, everyone assumes that improvements can be measured in quantified terms.

Though accurate or inaccurate, it hardly matters, as long as it can be estimated. Many of you start learning the lesson without measuring the outcome in the first lesson.

I will always recommend starting the first lesson with tests/assignments to know the level of the student. Subjects hardly matter whether it’s English, Math, Science, or teaching languages like French, Spanish, Hindi, or Marathi.

You should take an assessment before the start of the lesson and take this assessment on normal levels, i.e., after every two weeks or every four weeks or every month. Build a regular cycle.

This will help you as a teacher to see improvements in your learning lesson, and students/parents will also start viewing the growth of results. Further, is results/outcome is not improving; you can take course correction and will begin delivering your session differently. This is one of the essential goals of making a private lesson, so your teaching results/outcomes should be measured.

4. Have a long discussion before the start of the lesson:

First, phone-talk or first meeting is critical; you should allow students/parents to talk as much and do keep Paper and Pen ready.

You should have a keen focus on understanding problems and concerns areas in which students/parents want to get improved.

Ask questions, as much as you can ask. This will help in understanding real needs, why students/parents are looking for a home tutor.

You, as a teacher, should have the ability to customize lessons according to the lack of students. If you are not able to tailor learning requirements as per student/parents’ expectations, it will be challenging to succeed as a private tutor.

The very reason student/parent is looking for home tuition because that kind of learning requirement is not being met by schools, colleges, or coaching classes.

Each student learns differently and which can be delivered by personalized attention or personalized teaching. So, try to adapt to a new situation with each type of student. If you are not adaptative, you can be a successful teacher, but here we are talking about a highly successful and well-paying teaching job. So, customization is one of the keys to the highly paid teacher.

5. Apply for every tuition Listing in the beginning:

You as a Teacher should not be choosy at the beginning of a career or when you have less assignment. You should apply for every task in your field of subjects you teach. Even if you are paid less, you should go for it.

This will help you in meeting and interacting with different kinds of students and parents. Soon, you will be able to provide your ability as a teacher, and this small assignment at the beginning of a career will pave you for large tasks later.

You may not earn much for your livelihood, but you have built a network for future growth and future teaching assignment. Don’t get disappointed even after putting your best effort, students or parents are not willing to start tuition assignment with you.

There could be several reasons for it, in which you do not have any control. Don’t go over-board, maintain your dignity, and self-respect in getting tuition assignments. Like, if you have quoted tuition fee as INR 500/ hour and if student/parent has a budget of INR 200/ hour. It’s better to leave this tuition opportunity and look for another chance.  

6. It’s a Number Game:

In the beginning, it’s a number game, i.e., if you apply for a large number of tuition, you will get a large number of clients to talk to.

When you speak to a large number of students/parents, you will get opportunities to meet and interact with a higher number of students/parents.

Some will convert, and some will not, even after you put the best foot. Sooner, you will have more assignments than time, and then is the time to choose your task as per your time, comfort, and price. Now, is the time to increase your rates gradually? 

7. Ask for Client Testimonial:

You, as a teacher, become too much to ask for students/parents’ testimonial. But, if requested in the right manner, these testimonials will help you to establish credibility with a broader audience. This is a subtle art, which every teacher cannot ask for it. Always have feedback or testimonial form at the end of the learning assignment, which you can give to students/parents to fill it.

 And you can mention that whatever comment/feedback/testimonial is written will be made public on the website or personal blog or social media page of yours, or you can send the link of the website page to the student/parent to write about it.

 If a student has liked your lessons or the way you have taught, 6-7 out of 100 will write testimonials for it. But, if you don’t ask for it, only one or less than 1 out of 10 will write about you. So, a simple form can make a lot of difference in getting testimonials.

8. Emotionally connect with student/parent:

When you ask questions, you know what students/parents are looking for? When you take the assessment at regular intervals, you know what you have promised and what is your delivery.

You can be one of the best tutors, and your teaching is helping students/parents. But, are you emotionally connected with the student/parent. Is your student attentive in your lesson, are your student, excited when they see you coming to teach?

Are your students eagerly waiting for your reading/lecture? All these answers will not get directly. Instead, you should have the ability to read body language and will get a response from informal talks.

You can be a great teacher if you can read and interpret these kinds of nuances, but if you don’t know. Read books on inter-personal skills and Body language or non-verbal communication.

Connecting interpersonal will go a long way in building reputation and credibility as a great tutor and will assist you in moving from INR 500/hour assignment to the INR 1000/hour assignment to the INR 2000/hour assignment. 

Referrals, testimonials, positive feedback will automatically flow; you may require a gentle nudge, and future clients/students will be secured.


You may have noticed that I have not talked about teaching or tutoring lessons, as that is the key to an excellent teacher, and that’s the essential requirement of being in a teaching profession.

What I wanted to talk here was how to move from Good Teacher to a Great Well Paid Teacher. I hope this will help you in establishing a Good Teacher to a Well-Paid Teacher.

Do share your success story with us in the comment box, and if you want one-to-one counseling, do write here to assist you.



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