A Teacher to an Edupreneur: Journey

A journey started almost nine years back, i.e., in the year 2011 to change the teacher and education sector’s life. I started with the mission of connecting each Teacher with the right student for home tuition and private tuition through website (www.MyTrustedTutor.com- a Teacher Discovery platform)

Without being a techie, I got a website developed and happily made connections with 5000+ teachers until 2017 and made 10000+ connections with Students and teachers till 2017. Though it was rewarding and fulfilling to connect the right teachers with the right students, financially, I struggled. So, I left the mission. And, I have no one to blame with, not even myself. Sometimes, things don’t work; it does not mean it’s not worth doing.

I started venturing into lots of different stuff for the last two years, 2018 and 2019. In March and April 2019, after COVID-19 and Corona, I started reading lots of encouraging and remarkable stories of teachers- how they are struggling but still pursuing teaching professions.

Schools are cutting salaries, not paying salaries timely; teachers are losing jobs; teachers are not well-equipped to handle online learning and digital learning. It touched my heart as Education was always to close my heart, and I again jumped to change the face of Teachers.

What made me strong this time is that Teacher should evolve himself/herself to become an Edupreneur rather than the only Teacher. An Education system or society may not give teachers real value, but an Edupreneur or an Aatma nirbhar Teacher (self and Empowered Teacher) will not be dependent on anyone.

A teacher should not be dependent on the Salary of Schools or Coaching Class but should diversify earning sources from solely teaching into many things. Why a teacher can do it because teachers have shown that grit and determination in the last 2-3 months if Teachers can move teaching from entirely off-line to the online world, then they can do anything- only need the purpose (Why to do it?). I don’t need to say, when they are salaries are being cut or delayed or in some cases not even paid.

You agree or not, teachers are not paid/remunerated, what value they bring to society.

What could be the earning source of teachers?


You are already teaching online, start recording all lectures, and start making digital libraries (Chapter-wise and Topic-wise). Convert 1 Hour lecture into small Capsules for a particular topic. This digital content can be provided in forms of recorded lectures through Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and through your own website.


Now, teachers are preparing lots of questions digitally, make a repository for sharing across Institutes, Schools, and Colleges. Worksheets are especially applicable for Primary School Teachers. It’s a vast market where Students, Parents, and other Educators look for Worksheets.


Before Corona, you were tech apprehensive and restricted yourself to only Classroom teaching, but now it has opened the world, and you can teach to anyone in any parts of the world. Your knowledge can soon reach to any corners of the world.

I am touching only three sources; stay connected will talk more in the next few weeks.

To diversify your earning sources, teachers need to invest time and energy into upgrading themselves. Following skills are required to learn:

  1. How to Teach Online-

You must already know how to teach on Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Skype, Microsoft Team, Jio Meet, Zoho Classes. If you are still struggling, do find our recorded videos on youtube to help you learn.

  • How to manage Digital Classroom:

Google Classroom– a free tool can help you manage Class with ease.

  • How to take Tests and Assignment:

A basic version of Google Forms will help you prepare Tests, Assignments, Questions, Attendance, and many more. Again, you will find E-book and recorded version here.

  • How to prepare Worksheets:

There are several software which can assist you. Canva is one of the tools that will help you to make beautiful and professional worksheets in minutes.

  • How to have a Youtube Channel:

Having a youtube channel is quite simple and easy, and you can start instantly without any difficulty. If you need help, do write to me.

  • How to Record and Edit Videos:

Besides above, you need skills to edit videos, record screens, and lecture delivery should happen with proper and precise plans so that the same content can be used for teaching online and can become a repository for future earning source. Again, stay tuned, will talk more on this topic in the next few weeks.

I am conducting lots of teacher training sessions for teachers to benefit from Digital Education, and every Teacher should become empowered and Aatma-Nirbhar.

If you require any support in becoming self-empowered, I am here to help. Do write to me at [email protected]




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