Career Options After 12 Other than Engineering and Medical

Career Options India : Some Interesting Choices

This article by Syeda Eba is an insight into several career options India wherein today, you don’t need to stick to engineering or medical courses.

A sarcastical remark that was seen and heard in the recent days on the choice in the career that the students are subjected to make irrespective of what they want was that “today’s parents are very liberal regarding the career for their children. They give all the freedom to them to choose among engineering, medical and law.”

What does that mindset show?

Why can’t we set a perception to consider other studies except the above mentioned professional courses?

Do we have a fear of job security?

Do we see other studies as courses as the less respectable ones which won’t give us the status and position of the superiors and elite class of the society?

There is no such profession in this world that can guarantee job security. Say it engineering, medical or any other.

Career choice need to be made on the talent and interest purely because interest is the prime requirement to bring perfection into the work and thereby would help you to do it with full enthusiasm without considering it as a burden for life.

The most frequent mistake the students make is to take hasty decisions after completing 12 th sometimes due to peer pressure while other times due to parental subjugation.

Although the career guidance should be taken as soon as you complete your 10th because this is the time you have to form an idea regarding the field you wish to work in. it may be science, commerce or arts depending upon your inclination.

Also there are options to go in the army, navy and air force by clearing few competitive exams. Also you can pursue a diploma in farm management, interior designing, fashion designing, garment technology, dance and music.

Is you want to continue your career in science after 12th but do not wish to step into engineering or medical there are other ways as well. You can go for an honors degree in any of the subject like physics, chemistry, and biology, maths following it with a masters and PhD program which can further help you to get a good job as a professor or lecturer in reputed university.

If you do not want to opt for a career in teaching you can carry on with the research work or complete your graduation in agricultural science, micro biology, biotechnology etc.

Further if your interest lies in hotel management, it is one of the options available for you. Moreover even after your 12th you can qualify NDA to get admitted to army, navy or Indian air force in order to serve the country.

B.C.S,B.C.A which is a three year graduation course has been grabbing the interest of many students these days. With commerce you have all the options to go for a degree in B.COM, B.B.A, B.C.A, and B .Arch.

And then comes the field of arts which is although taken as inferior in our society in spite of it offering double the career opportunities as offered by science and commerce.

You can go for any language course or an honors degree in subjects like history, geography, political science, economics, sociology, English, philosophy, psychology, Hindi etc.

Bachelors in journalism and media is another course which is in demand since media is considered to be the fourth pillar of Indian democracy, the outspoken youths of the country are being attracted towards it to give voice to their words.

Law can give you all the status and position that you wish to acquire after 12th. A 5 year graduation course in B.a. L.L.B can enhance the chances of getting a good job.

If your interest lies in entertainment sector you can go for a graduation in film making and acting or dancing. There are good universities and institutions that can guide you in this way to make a career in the field.

Architects are the people today’s youth feel empathies with. You can bring up your creative talent. A graduation degree in fine arts can be of interest for those having a taste in painting and sculpture making.

There is a list of never ending courses available in India as well as across the world. All you need to find is where your interest lies and which institution would groom you the best in it.

Syeda Eba

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