FAQs on Central Teacher Eligibility Test [CTET]

When is CTET Exam?

CTET Exam is on 21st Feb 2016 and 18th Sep 2016. Check detailed notification at http://blog.mytrustedtutor.com/central-teachers-eligibility-test-ctet/

What are eligibility criteria of CTET?

We have extensively discussed eligibility criteria of CTET in the link mentioned: http://blog.mytrustedtutor.com/central-teachers-eligibility-test-ctet/

What is the Standard book for preparing CTET?

CTET- Central Teachers Eligibility Test is conducted by CBSE, so it follows the syllabus and course content of NCERT. If you are thorough with the syllabus of CBSE and NCERT, you will not find the test difficult. You can check details of syllabus below:

Structure and Content of Syllabus of CTET (Paper I)

Structure and Content of Syllabus of CTET (Paper II)

Is it possible to prepare for CTET in 2 Months?

Syllabus of CTET– Central Teachers Eligibilty Test is vast and extensive. Test-takers should be thourogh with the course content and conceptual clarity for Paper I (teachers wishing to teach from Std I-Std V) and Paper II (teachers wishing to teach from Std VI to Std VIII).

If teachers are already teaching in CBSE schools or have done B.ed or taking tuitions for school students, their 50% preparation is already over. Just need to take mock paper and practice.

Always do check past papers. Teachers who are not into teaching, they have really work hard to understand course content, so need to put extra effort.

Though, test is not much difficult, but the pass percentage is mere 1-2% and for each test close to 10 Lacs teachers appear for it.
Check syllabus and CTET Test structure at:
What after qualifying CTET with good percentage?

CTET is just one of the eligibilty criteria for teachers recruitment in CBSE Board school, Government schools or schools being run by Government Bodies/Institutions.

Now a days, large number of private schools are also looking for CTET Certificate. CTET has been started in 2011 and certificate is valid for 7 years. The basic aim of CTET is to standardize teachers recruitment process across India.

Further, CTET test is taken by more than 10 Lacs teachers across India and pass percentage is mere 1-2%.

So, if you have qualified with good percentage, it means you fall in the bracket of few thousand teachers and chances of getting jobs in good private schools or Goverment School is very high. So, start visiting school website and start applying to school directly.

Few Unanswered Questions:

We invite our esteemed teachers to respond to these questions and share your experience with other teachers.

You can respond in comment section and it will be updated soon. You can ask more questions or queries, so that life of other teachers and yours become easier.

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