Challenges of Self Teaching and Self Learning

Let us discuss some legitimate and common challenges of self teaching and self learning!

Lack of feedback is the main problem in self-teaching and self-learning. Specially it’s a lack of quick answer to small problem which leads to a buildup of a holes in knowledge.

Scenario: – If Arjun come upon a single sentence that doesn’t really make sense he doesn’t have someone whom he just quickly asked or email.

So either ( A ) he try to  figure it out before moving on, which could mean going off on a tangent, or ( B )he write this problem down to note the gap in his understanding , hoping to figure out later.

Self learner suffer from a  lack of organizations, lack of focus, and lack of curated, organized and current skill-level  appropriate learning resources.

If the absolute best thing for you to learn next was always at your fingertips, selected and ready to go, you’d accomplish significantly more towards your self-learning goals.

Problems that Arjun have to face according to the above scenario:

A ) If he tried to figure it out
  • The process of figuring it out could take minute or hours. Since he’s new to this material, he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know so his estimation could be poor.
  • Often the question are so minute , so specific to an exact example in a book or article that it seems silly to bug someone for help about it, even if this question might signal a great misunderstanding.
  • He spend time to trying to figure out what the Google search should be then more time shifting through the results looking for something reputable that answer his question .
  • After this ,he still might not find the answer, or not on that he understand or he might go down an infinity hole of learning more and more about a new topic , and not recognize when he’s understood enough so that he’s ready to backtrack to the original question.
B ) If he write it down and move on
  • It’s harder to get motivated to go back to the old question and look for the solution.
  • Then, he forget he don’t understand something until a later situation reveals his lack of understanding.

One thing to note is that self –teaching happens on some level whenever you’re learning anything whether alone or with class or with a teacher. At some point you’ll be by yourself and have a question.

But having a mentor saves your time. Knowing that you have someone to at least brainstorm a solution with is psychologically, reassuring, and allow you to be perhaps more daring in your studies.

Most of all , good mentors provide those quick answers to small problems and prevent your knowledge gaps from growing

Sushma Das

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