Delhi School of Economics- DSE Entrance Test

DSE Entrance Test

Delhi School of Economics Entrance Test (or DSE Entrance Test) 2016 is conducted by Delhi University and it is generally conducted in the month of June. Date of DSE Entrance Test and notification is still to be announced. Generally, it is announced in the month of April.

Who can appear for DSE Test? What is the eligibility criteria?

There is good news, if you are Delhi University student and have pursued B.A. in Economics, then you are eligible, even you have got 50% marks. But, any student can appear for DSE Entrance Test, provided you have done graduation/post-graduation in India from any stream and have secured at least 60% of marks.

And for Foreign Student (i.e. Non-Indian), all application has to be routed through Deputy Dean (Foreign Students Registry). Student can appear for Online Test conducted by DSE or can apply through GRE Score recommended by 2 academicc Referees.

What is the syllabus and what topics I need to study for DSE Entrance Exam?

You are expected to cover and know the topics in detail for these 4 aspects mentioned below. One of the best way to prepare for test is to get familiar with B.A. Economics syllabus of Delhi University.

  1. Microeconomic Theory
  2. Macroeconomic Theory
  3. Mathematical Techniques used by Economist
  4. Probability and Statistics

What books/ course content I should refer for DSE Entrance Test?

For Microeconomics:

  1. Intermediate Microeconomics- Hal Varian
  2. Microeconomics- Pindyck, Robert S. and Rubinfeld, Daniel L

For Macroeconomics:

  1. Macroeconomics- Dornbusch R, S. Fischer and Startz
  2. Macroeconomics- Mankiw N.G.

For Mathematical Techniques

  1. Fundamental methods of mathematical Economics- Chiang A.C.
  2. Matematics for Economic Analysis- Sydsaeter, K and Hammond, P.J.

For Statistics:

  1. Probability and Statistics for Engineers- Devore J.L.
  2. Mathematical Statistics- Freund John. E
  3. An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics- Larsen, Richard J and Morris

I am not prescribing any book, but what Delhi University is referring, you to read. If you still think DSE is an easy. Think twice now, before you apply.

How is DSE Entrance Test Structure?

Its a 100 mark paper, divided into 2 sections. There will be 40 questions of 2 mark. For each correct answer, you will score 2 marks, for each no answer 0 Mark and for each wrong answer, you will be penalized with -2/3 mark. Another section will be of 20 questions of 1 mark each. Similar to previous section you will score 1 mark for each correct answer, 0 mark for no response and -1/3 mark for each negative answer.

Can I get sample question paper of DSE Entrance Test?

DSE does not publish and sample question paper, The best way to refer is to past question paper and there is good chance that many of the questions from past test may be repeated. So. to get an idea about the test, its good that you first review past papers and get an idea of the test. You can refer past question paper of DSE Entrance Test (Source:

  1. DSE Question Paper 2014
  2. DSE Question Paper 2013
  3. DSE Question Paper 2012
  4. DSE Question Paper 2011
  5. DSE Question Paper 2010
  6. DSE Question Paper 2009

What do you advise to prepare for DSE Entrance Test?

  1. The best way to get familiar and fee confident about the test is to solve as many question paper as you can. Sice, competition is tough and only limited number of seats. Further, 50% of seats are reserved for B.A. Economics student of Delhi University.
  2. Do not blind guess any answer, as negative marks will spoil your chances. Its good to leave unanswered.
  3. Follow exam guidelines and instructions carefully. Don’t forget to take Pen, Pencil (read specification of HB), Eraser and Calculator. Dont carry your mobile phone or any electronic device.
  4. Feel confident and start preparing early for DSE entrance test

Wish you all the best and do share your experience and questions with me in the comment section. I will be happy to answer all your queries.



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  1. Sir how could i get prepqred for delhi school of economics entrance test all thorouh i belong from west bengal state university??

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