How To Answer? Tell Me About Yourself-In Interview

“Identity cannot be found or fabricated but emerge from within

When, one has the bravery to express it”


Whoever it may be, when a candidate faces any interview, it’s really ice breaking question that knocks the eardrum, Tell about yourself /introduce yourself.

It is one of the powerful interview questions too. Almost every interview bring into being with this default question, but only potential candidates who know the line of attack deserve to make it success. We want you to tune up as an expert in handling this question. So we structured in a way, where you can easily bring out yourself from the core.

As the first impression is the best impression, be relaxed and feel positive to hone your introduction. Pinning the introduction in this way, will hit the ice and increase your chance to next step. Based on your self-introduction in few minutes the interviewer will conclude whether he interested in you or not. Accept it this question is a tool in interviews wherein you have to sell yourself into the company. While moving on this part your main goals in the self-introduction are fairly meek.

You need to show that you,

  • Have the desire and ability to do the job
  • Will fit into the organization values and be comfortable to follow the company culture.
  • Never quit the job after being hired.

Always start your introduction in positive and simple manner. Highlight only your career aspect information such as interest, education, accomplishment, hobbies and other skills that match to the interviewer and the company. Do not drag it for too long using irrelevant data.

Remember that an interview is not about, how great or how smart enough you are. Its main thing is to validate how much you fit for a specific career. So focus on what is expected in the job you are interviewing for.

Usually, interviewers will not have long span of attention use this time wisely. However, don’t assume that interviewer never listen to you. To the point be alert and conscious.

If you face trouble with Tell me about yourself question, change it as “Why are you a great fit for this job”

Now deliver your message you want to express in your way. Bring it up everything positive!

The self-intro is A to Z about you and yourself. Even if the interviewer asks you the question in various forms be connective with your resume and job requirement. Never hedge in shortly.

Here are some traits to be followed for a good self-introduction:

The Greetings

As we said earlier, first impression is very important in self-introductory. The goodness should last till you finish your interview. Greet your interviewer with Good morning/afternoon/evening sir/mam.

In two ways the interview can be ensued, one is your interviewer will drive or other you have to do that job. Instead of being controlled, it is better to take control from your side.

To know how impact does the first impression creates check this article “The Art of First Impressions: Trudging Ahead”

Personalize the words


Habitually, in interviews candidates start with same as “Myself so and so” as everyone do. Actually candidates fail to check language rules. Avoid starting with “Myself” because the reflexive pronouns are used with nouns that should come before sentences.

Always start with a new sentence including “I am so and so”

Spot your Educational details

Next mention about your educational details as, the course you’re pursuing currently and previous degree/class you have studied.

You should do this, even though if interviewer might have your resume in front of them.

For example,

Correct – I am pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering (say the course that you’re studying currently) from Anna University, Chennai (Institution name and place).

Incorrect- I am doing Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Chennai, Anna University.

Note: Degree is not doing; it’s pursuing (In meaning that you show respect to your degree)

Highlight your positive

Simply state your positive qualities self-confidently and politely. Well, be prepared if you’re appearing the interview for the first time then, you need prior preparation and practice. In this part mention all your achievements and events that leaded you success, which the interview wants to note of.

Be frank

Typically, interviewer will scan your resume in 10-20 seconds, in order to find whether the information you’re saying matches with resume. So speak the truth, don’t over ride on your own.

State the Ethics

Allegedly you can state some rules/principles, you’re strongly believed in. Since, I mean ethics do not say all your personal ethics that doesn’t match with your job, instead quote something positive.

E.g.  I am punctual person; I never want be late anywhere.

Point your expertise

Add on, if you’re an experienced person mention your years of experience and knowledge over that. Fresher’s can mention about their internships/implant trainings workshops etc.

Be conscious on your speech

When speaking to the interviewer make sure that you do not blabber/pertinacious on words. It is your smartness to end your introduction at the point where you’re strong. Furthermore, the discussion will start from the point where you left.

If you’ve done good projects and had achievement for the same end up there (or anything other proficient area)

Work on communication skills. 

The communication complies both verbal and non-verbal. Check your usage of grammar with flexible fluency in words, sentence, and phrases. Show good gestures while you answer to the questions. This will create huge impact on the interviewer.

To grab a clear idea trail the below sample self-introduction,

“Good Morning Sir/Madam,

Interviewer: Good morning. Please have your seat. So, Vishnu tell me something about yourself.

Candidate answer:  I am Vishnu, coming from Chennai.  I am pursuing my Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Anna University, Chennai. I have optimistic values in life. I have good analytical and logical skills. I have scored 100% marks in my class 12. (Interviewer may look into your resume). I enjoy working as a team and I love to do smart work instead of hard work. I have done 2 month of internship with HCL telecoms and Zoho Systems. I have had quite knowledge and exposure with corporate world and find it fascinating. I learned lot from my internships. Apart from my career I am football player too. I was captain of my school football team. I am a learner; I love to learn new things”

Everyone will have different stories so don’t try the same. Prepare your own intro, relating with your resume.  While your preparation keep these points in mind,

  • Be concise in your introduction.
  • Fill relevant information’s in a few seconds.
  • Practice more on your weakest areas.
  • Do not try to crack any jokes, instead have smile/charm look on your face.
  • Maintain eye contact throughout the interview.

Certain points might seem futile for you, but each action is countable inside the interview room. Keep an eye on the above tips for both Technical and HR interview.

Last but not the least, always maintain positive and learning attitude. This may sound common, but definitely you should not allow your interviewer to think that you’re over confident, arrogant or cloistered.

Hope you benefited. All the best for your interview.

-Dani Dissosa

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