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How to decide Preferred Location and Preferred Place for Tuition

You have already decided that you want to pursue teaching as a part-time or full-time profession. You have already decided what subjects and grades of students to teach. Now, the next question that comes to your mind:

  1. Where to take tuition?
  2. Should I take tuition at my (Tutor’s place) or should I travel and go to a student’s place?
  3.  If I go to the student’s place then until which location, should I travel?
Tutor Travel Policy

Travel Policy

You need to very much clear about your travel policy and place of taking private tuition.

Our research and experience shows that if you are going to teach younger kids or kids studying up till Grade 6 or 7 i.e., age groups of up to 11-12, parents prefer tutors to come at their place i.e., students place for taking tuition

Or if parents need to send their child, most likely will prefer teachers who are staying to proximity may be less than 500 meters (or within 0.5 km range). It’s the kind of neighborhood teachers they prefer.

So, if you are looking to teach younger kids or pre-teen kids, you should be willing to travel, and most likely you will get tuition requests for students to place or at Tutor’s place if students are in a close radius.

The best way to find students will be to inform in all tight circles or distribute pamphlets in your neighborhood through newspaper vendors or tie-up with book shops or book depots or stationery shops or advertising in shops nearby.

In case you decide to teach students from Grade 8 (13 Years onwards), students will be able to travel to your place, and again, it should not be too far. For private tuition or home tutoring, most likely first preference for parents is that teachers are willing to travel at their place. The reason is that students can save sufficient time in roaming

What should I keep in mind, when going to students place for taking tuition:

Tuition Fee

Your Fees should include all your traveling time and traveling expenses

and most likely, your fees should be higher than the fees charged by you when students visit your place. It looks highly unprofessional if you charge separately for traveling or commuting expenses. For higher prices, you should never negotiate or argue that you have to go too far to cover these expenses. These kinds of conversations draw a negative image in the minds of parents. 

You should factor in all kinds of weather conditions.

In a city like Mumbai, it becomes highly inconvenient during Monsoons, in Delhi, extreme heat and icy weather conditions are highly demanding. So, do factor all these while starting any new tuition inquiry. It looks lucrative in the beginning, but if you are not able to finish, you leave rooms for complaint. 

You should also factor traffic conditions:

In metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Bengaluru traveling time during a different time of the day varies greatly. Sometimes, to travel a short distance like 10-15 km also takes more than an hour. So, either you should be well aware of traffic condition or traffic time, or you should visit once or twice at the time preference you are going to take tuition 

How easy to reach Students Place:

All places are not well connected with Public transport, if you are traveling from Bus, Trains or any other mode of Public Transport. Sometimes, for reaching from your place to student’s home, you have to change 2 or 3 modes of transport, it becomes highly inconvenient

If you consider all these things while taking tuition at the student’s place, you will be able to analyze better before starting any teaching. It would be best if you didn’t fall into the trap and you have to say “NO” later on because of any above conditions.

When you are taking tuition at Tutor’s place, and students are traveling at your location, you should consider the following things:

Tutor Place

Dedicated Place:

If you are taking teaching from your home, you should have a dedicated place at your home to take tuition, which is entirely noise-free and free from any distractions. The noise-free environment will help both Teachers and Students to focus better. If you don’t have sufficient place at your home, hire or rent a place where you can focus only on learning needs.

Distraction-Free Environment:

If you are living or taking tuition from your place, which is quite noisy or there are lots of disturbance from outside. Stay away from those places and if it’s not possible, then try having Class-rooms which fits with such kinds of doors or window-glasses which absorb most of the noise. Further, the place should be well-lit, well-ventilated, and students find at ease. If the physical environment is not conducive, the student gets distracted, which is harmful to both students and teachers. 


Many housing societies don’t permit any commercial activities being from Houses/Flats in their community, or many rental flats don’t have this kind of permission. To be on the safer side, understand norms from housing societies member of secretary. Alternatively, if it requires approval, request a thorough letter. Support will make your life easy. 

Whichever place (Student’s Place or Tutor’s place) you decide to teach, always keep above factors into consideration.


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