How to Make Economics a Fun Subject!

Economics Basics

This article by Jaspreet Kaur comprises economics basics as the baseline concepts. This article teaches how to enjoy economics as a subject. Read on.

Economics put theory behind our everyday actions. But in academic field, studying economic theories brings little pressure on young minds as they find economics problematic especially when mathematics gets involved with it.

On the other hand, teachers are concerned about price elasticity, recession and depression which are the pillars of economics.

Teachers are not at all bothered whether children are getting anything in their mind or not. They don’t make an effort to make things easier for students. To make studying economics easier, they should try to create a learning environment for students.

They should push understanding of the students by talking with them other than making them study from text books.

Moreover, teachers should conduct experiments to simplify various economics theories. They should give examples of real life. Examples related to real life and historic events that happened in the market helps students to understand better.

Most of the problems that students face while studying economics is that they generally find difficulty with the kind of language that has been used in text books to explain certain theories and secondly, they have the problem with the statistical analysis. For that, students themselves also put an effort by going for group studies.

Group studies are very helpful as there they can share their views and could understand things much better. They could get hold on such points about the concepts that their friends know and they don’t.

Teachers should conduct discussions in class. These discussions are very important as students exchange their views and ideas in these discussions and they relate various examples which are close to the present condition of market. Students through these discussions discover the answer themselves.

In class, other than focusing on books teachers should use interactive tools and software to create student’s interest in the subject. Teachers should believe in technology. Textbooks should be avoided as the only source of making student study.

Teachers should conduct games which are much related to the economics. This will help students to progress at their own rate and enhance their learning experience. This will enable them to have independent study. Teachers should explain chapters to students by giving them demonstration.

Through this students will give more attention to the subject. These demonstrations are helpful to students as it increases their concentration power and helps them to remember things through images.

Other than teachers, school should also try to lessen the burden upon students by preparing a good curriculum for them, which will enable them to learn things easily without taking much stress. School should also include various researches in their syllabus.

Through these researches students are then, able to compare economics with real life situation. School should set monthly test basis assessments for students.

These assessments will work as a practice exam for students. Students in the assessments can test their writing skills and can improve their speed as well as answers before appearing for their final exam.

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