How to start teaching Online

How to start teaching Online (Part 1)

Teaching Online or Digital Education or E-learning was on the rise in the last decades. What enabled teaching online effective and rapid was the higher penetration cost and the low-cost mobile internet connection. Earlier, it started as convenient tools for everyone i.e., Students and Teachers. Still, in times of COVID-19 or Corona Virus, it has become an essential tool.

For many of you, this could be first exposure to online teaching world and there will be many who have already started teaching online.

Today, we try to understand in a step-by-step process: How to start teaching Online:

Step 1: Be an expert in the Subject:

To teach any subjects or topics, you need to be an expert in your field. Domain knowledge is applicable; even you teach Offline or in a physical classroom. So, teaching online does not make any difference.

Step 2: Get Certified:

Certification or credential in teaching always matters, or it gives a headstart. Since most of you are in the teaching field for the last couple of years, and students/parents already know you by your name, it does not matter much to an experienced teacher. But, for a fresher or a new teacher, certification matters a lot to prove your expertise and domain knowledge

Step 3: Get the Right Hardware and Internet Connection:

When you start teaching online, you need a dedicated place in your home with proper workplace set-up. This helps to concentrate and focus better.

A Computer: You need a Desktop or a Laptop to start with. If Laptop, it is better- you will find why in next points discussed below

Webcam: In most of Laptop, Web Camera is already installed, you need to check whether its working or not. A good web-camera helps students in seeing teacher and can see expressions and visuals, when you are teaching online

A headset or a microphone/earphone: Again, when you have a Laptop, the in-built speaker is already available. You can use the in-built speaker to listen or talk. Or, you can use a headset or a microphone for teaching.

Internet Connection: You need a good internet connection. Today, the Internet has become inexpensive in India with high-quality speed. So, you must probably be having a Solid Internet connection.

Step 4: Software

Hardware enables you to get prepared for teaching online, but the right software tools will help you to guide online effectively. The most popular and Free version of teaching online is Skype. It’s inexpensive, most of you will already be having installed in your Laptop or Desktop. Through Skype, you can teach through audio or video; you can share your screen and so more. To understand, you need to test the trial class and have to make yourself comfortable.

There are many other tools available for teaching online, which we will discuss in the next article.

These are a few steps to start teaching online. You can ask your current students to come online, and you can continue your learning lessons, even during times of the Corona crisis.

Corona Virus is an opportunity for you to build an online presence and start teaching in an online mode. I hope this article will find it useful to give a headstart. We will be discussing more in the next few days so that for a teacher like you, it becomes more comfortable and convenient.

Do let us know with your comments, any difficulties or challenges you are facing in teaching online. We will be happy to know your problems and will try our best to find solutions to your questions.




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