How to Use Google Forms FAQs

Frequently Asked Queries regarding Google Forms :

1] Can we add time limit to the quiz?

Ans: By default, Google hasn’t yet came out with any of such extensions. The option to control times is basically not built into basic forms by Google but an add-on can provide this function.

Examples include : – you run the quiz via the app

Form Scheduler – allows forms to be opened / closed via Google Calendar events

2] Can we use other languages?

Ans: You have to go with the subjective alternatives, right now no such convenience is made.

3] Can we add negative marking scheme too?


Step 1: Navigate to “Settings” ——> “General Settings,” and select “Assign points to each question” for the Scoring option. Click “Manage Point Assignment” to assign points to each question.

Step 2: Enable “Negative Marking,” and assign positive and negative points to each question.

4] Can we add map marking scheme in forms?

Ans: Drag and drop it on the form, next select it and go to Edit Field where you can customize the map. In the Default Map field, type in the address of a location and you will be able to see the changes on the map instantly. A marker will be displayed on the map.

5] Can we have mix types of questions?

Ans: Definitely yes, the subjective ones need to be manually corrected while objectives would be automatically corrected.

6] How to handle subjective questions?

Ans: The subjective questions would be available to you as a link, you can make separate table for assigning the scores of each, and that’s how one can with ease, do the correction.

7] Can mathematical equations be dealt in the forms?

Ans: If  it’s directly copied as it is from the web, no issues. But, my advise is, if you are expecting the students to type the relevant mathematical equations, you should go for the documentation of a subjective paper.

8] How to prevent mass copying if key is given already?

Ans: The faculty has the liberty to lock the screen if they don’t want to let students see the answers as soon as they click on submit. This can happen that one of the student does firstly, getting all the answers as soon as he submits, and mass copying can here be done. Thus, it’s in the hands of faculty whether they want to allow this option or not. Locking screen for students probably comes with the paid version of the application.

9] How to create E-certificate in the form?

Ans: Refer to this link:

10] If according to respondent, the answer marked is correct, but it displayed negative marking against that, what can be the probable reasons?

Ans: There can be probably 2 reasons:

A] Either student marked it wrongly, unaware of his marking

B] Or, the faculty while preparing the alternatives, assigned positive marks for wrong option undeliberately.

11] Can we make an English Literature Assessment?

Ans: Yes, definitely. But then, it needs proper manual correction.

12] Can we limit the responses?

Ans: Definitely yes, it may be done when it is an exam. But, again, if you want multiple responses from the same person, you can allow that too. Submission of a full form can be done once, after that it would ask you whether you want to allow multiple responses or edit response alternative enabling, you may answer accordingly.

13] If its internet or power cut issue, will the form be submitted automatically?

Ans: Definitely No, the person has to submit it after refilling everything, it wouldn’t be submitted until you don’t mark submit option there.

14] Can the student edit their responses before submission?

Ans: Everything is allowed before submission, but after that, its on faculty whether he allows multiple responses from the user or not.

15] How to prevent responses popping out from various email id’s of the students?

Ans: It should be strictly directed that students can only login from a particular mail id, specifically their school/college id in any of the employed devices by them. If the faculty has the access to domain, accordingly settings can be altered, if not, stringent directives regarding this should be dis-seminated to them. One more thing can be done, only 1st response is considered to be an authenticated reply from the user, no value for further replies against that particular name.

16] Is it that the marks assigned should be of equal weightage?

Ans: No, not compulsory.

17] How to type chemical equations?


1. Open a document in google docs.

2. Click where you want to put the equation

3. Click insert- Equation

4.Select symbol you want to add from one of these menus. Greek Letters, Miscellaneous        operation, Relations, Math operators. Arrows.

5. Add numbers or substitute variables to the box.

18] Can MCQ’s be transferred to Google forms?

Ans: Yes, via uploading, it can be transferred with ease.

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