How to Verify Credentials @

It is mandatory for Tutor to verify credentials at

To verify credentialS you can submit:

  • Identity proof;
  • Address proof; and
  • Educational certificate

Why is verifying credentials important?

Frankly speaking, we know it is a pain to send Identity proof and address proof. You will ask, are you a government organization or at times you will be apprehensive about misuse.

But, on the other side of Table think about those students or parents. Students want to study or parents wants to put their children in secure hands, they don’t want to fall victims to fraudulent means.

You are going to build future for them. Its a small exercise but it shows the level of trust and commitments from your side.

Further we have observed that in 90% of case, genuine teacher never had problem in verifying credentials. It’s just a stepping stone to build high level of trust.

Why do you need educational certificates?

Your reply will be are you schools or providing jobs? No, we aren’t but a genuine person has nothing to hide or conceal.

People need to have full proof knowledge of what they are investing in, it is good market practice and it is just a small measure in order to get reliable clients.

Yes, its a pain to find record of last several years, but sometime its worth doing.

When we receive these documents, it shows that you want to work long term with us and frankly speaking we also like to work with teacher like you.

Hope you understand its a one-time exercise and worth-doing. Sending credential is very easy and convenient. You can do it from any of options mentioned below:

  1. Email us at [email protected]
  2. Whatsapp at 9987587591
  3. Upload in directly from your Tutor Account
  4. Send through Post/Courier in Office address

Hope you will understand its importance and will soon do it, if you have not done already!

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