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How to Write a Tutor Profile Description

Writing Profile Description about yourself can be challenging, and at times, it is difficult to describe yourself. As a teacher, you do not want to boast of your knowledge, but you want students to experience learning them.

Your tutor profile description can be a driving point for the prospective students or parents to talk to and to interact and start a teaching lesson from you.

Your Profile description should answer:

  • Who are You?
  • From When are you Teaching?
  • What do you Teach?
  • Where do you teach?
  • How do you teach?
  • Why Student learns from You?

Before you read further, do read.

Because, Student/Parent will read Profile description only when you have good professional photo coupled with attractive profile title

I am here to help you in a step-by-step process, what all things to be included in Profile Description:-

Educational Qualification

Write about your educational qualifications and experience:

If you are experienced teachers with more than five years of experience, it will not be difficult for you to talk about your experience and if you are graduate or post-graduate or any other qualifications you have acquired, you can speak. Your skill will help in understanding your background, your history, and set the tone for further discussion.

Just in case, you have started your teaching or in the process of starting it, then talk about why you want to pursue careers in teaching and why you are passionate about it. Here, you talk more about your educational qualifications.

Teaching Styles:

Students and Parents look for, what’s your teaching style, and pedagogy is. How you approach subjects, how you make difficult concepts accessible. How you deal with challenging students, slow learners. Whether your style is conversational, inter-active or you are strict with students, etc.

Teaching Style

The tone of Profile Description:

Here, you can play with formal and informal tone or between two, as this is not your precise job applications for any schools, colleges, or any educational institutions. You can talk about the softer side, technical sides, and the fun-side of your teaching. This will helps parents and students more comfortable to discuss.

Length of Tutor Profile Description

Length of Profile Description:

We are biased and favors tutor who writes more and can elaborate more. We are looking for a teacher to describe themselves as not less than 200 words.

And more words do not mean that you keep repeating the same thing again and again. It sets not a good impression of you. Your description should be brief, direct, and engaging. Don’t forget to proofread your reports. 

Your description should look in Structured order:

An ideal order could be educational history (i.e., educational degrees and certifications), experiences, research focus (Research Publications, and your Teaching or non-teaching achievements (Awards, professional achievements, accomplishments). Do mention concrete results

Hobbies and Interest
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Hobbies and Interests:

It’s not mandatory, but when it includes, it shows the softer sides of your teaching personality. Like you love listening to old Hindi songs or playing badminton, etc.

I am providing a few examples for teachers to understand, how tutor profile description can be written in three different discipline of Accounting, Physics, and English

Examples of a few profile descriptions:

Accounts Tutor with 15 Years of Experience

I am an experienced tax and accounting tutor with 15 years of experience teaching students and working professionals. I love teaching students who are passionate to make or build a career in chartered accountancy or wants to understand accounting at graduation or master’s level.

I have worked with thousands of students in the last 12-15 years of my teaching career. I have helped students deal with difficult topics and subjects like Indirect Taxation, Information System, and Control Audit. After learning from me, students have found accounting is not dull but a fun subject.  

Besides taking private lessons, I help small and medium businesses in maintaining book-keeping and also have helped business owners to learn the basics of accounting.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Mumbai University and also have Chartered Accountancy Degree from ICAI and Company Secretary Degree from ICSI. I have practiced Chartered accountancy for a brief period of 3 years, and then I left for the passion and love of teaching. 

I look forward to discussing with you and make your career in accounting a meaningful and purposeful.

Certified Physics Tutor with 6 Years Experience

I have been tutoring Physics for the last six years to students studying in 11 and 12 and Science to students of Grade 9 and 10. I started tutoring when I was pursuing an engineering degree from Mumbai University.

I have not planned to pursue my career in teaching; it just started as an additional income during college days. And after getting an engineering degree, I worked as a Junior Engineer or Technical assistant at Software Company. But the sincere desire of teaching started as a side income to the hobby is now a full-time profession.

Besides, taking private lessons for IIT-JEE students, I also teach students of CBSE, ICSE, and State boards, and I also run Group Tuitions and own coaching centers at Bhandup. Many of my students have made into IIT-JEE and other Top Engineering Colleges.

I love teaching when students are curious, and my classes are interactive, where I give complete freedom for students to ask questions and then further delve into more profound theories and co-relate with practical and day-to-day scenarios. I work with students of all types from students whose concepts are weaker to extremely bright students.

Since I teach Science at Standard Ninth and Tenth level, I can relate all streams of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at ease.

If you are interested in tutoring, feel free to connect with me. I hope to work with you soon!!

Master English with Certified Instructor (15+ Years Experience)

I believe teaching is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration.

I motivate students to write better and have a transparent thought process to improve writing. I have helped not only students, but corporate employees to deliver a better presentation, students write better essays for students applying to business schools and applying overseas and filling College applications.

I am a certified instructor for TOEFL, IELTS, and have done M.A. in English from Hindu College, Delhi University. I have practiced journalism and screenwriting for five years and then moved to full-time teaching.

Besides teaching, I also coach Business Houses and Corporate in Public Relations and Corporate Communication and also take Business English and Corporate Communication. To date, I have worked with more than 300 Corporate Houses training to more than 5000 Employees of all age groups.

With students and college applications, we discuss at length to understand student’s thought processes, and then I assist a student in writing on their own. I work as a coach, mentor, and guide, and at the end of the session, the student himself/herself. I don’t write on behalf of any student, but I made a student writing

For students preparing for CAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, and Competitive Exams:

I prefer to teach grammar from the book by Wren and Martin. For reading comprehension sections, we do careful analysis and discuss before proceeding to questions and suitable choices. Out of 4 options, first, we eliminate the wrong choice; Second eliminate which looks to be the deliberately wrong choice; Third elimination is even more tempting wrong choice, and finally, we select the Best Answer. For doing, all these works, I do back-seat and assist students in developing critical ability and logical thinking. 

I have helped students to improve vocabulary building, and after a few sessions in a month, students have started speaking English with less hesitation and have gain confidence. Though my asking Tuition Price is higher than the average rate students, have found immense value in learning with me.

Looking to hear back from you shortly


You can also write great content in your profile description and will help in attracting quality Tuition Inquiry from Students or Parents. If you are struggling to write great piece of content, you can contact us


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