Which Foreign Language Should I Learn: An Insight

Learning a Foreign Language

This article penned by Syeda Eba delves into the domain of foreign languages with the specific question of which one should you take up specifically.

There was a time when a crisp hand over your mother tongue was more than enough to survive and deal with the world and problems/issues concerned with it.

But to learn a foreign language or not is no more a question If you are aspiring to be at the one of the top position in your career. The day globalization entered this big picture, becoming an avoidable part of life, learning a foreign language becomes a need.

Learning a foreign language would increase our communication abilities to deal with potential clients and at the same time learn different cultures and strengthen the bond with people of varied life styles.

Once you make up your mind to learn a foreign language, the question, if answered inefficiently might land you in a problematic situation that is, which language to go for.

Of course you cannot be the jack of all cards rather you need to be the master of one. So opting a foreign language to learn is of prime importance.

You would never want to spend years and years of your life to gain perfection and fluency. And investing your really precious time in learning a language that won’t give a useful result is something we can expect only from a nincompoop.

ENGLISH tops the list among all the foreign languages that could be learned for a better career and easy survival in this ever developing world.

Not only it is the official language of numerous countries like India but is the world’s is the second language for the world and is the requirement for every educated individual. A Chinese, Japanese or a Turk tourist landing in Sweden or India would almost always speak English.

Fields like tourism, journalism, foreign exchange and communication wants to see an additional language like English in your resume and CV.

As far as the most useful language is considered, FRENCH and SPANISH perfectly fits into the requirements. If your ultimate reason for learning a language is to get settled in a foreign country for job or a business, French or Spanish can undoubtedly be your cup of tea.

French is in fact considered to be the language of elites. It would not be very difficult to learn since both the languages share almost similar syntax to that of English.

Moreover it can enhance your enjoyment of literature, history and food while giving and important tool in business and useful one in diplomacy.

Germany is a well known education hub. If you have the plan to study at the place, a great command over GERMAN is must. This language can also avail you with some really good job opportunities while staying within your country.

As mentioned above, if you don’t want to be tagged as nincompoop because of the wrong choice of the foreign language.

Don’t go for Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or Russian since these languages have unlimited characters and alphabets. Chinese itself possessing 25000- 30000 and many more derivatives from roman alphabets.

Learning European languages like Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and French would not only empower you but would be easy to master it comparatively.

But at the same time this is also an undeniable fact that students are taking interest in learning Japanese since the opening of Indian economy. There is a great demand in the technical translation work. Established universities have acute shortage of Japanese teachers.

Moreover there is a scope in airlines and hospitality industry if you have command over the language, which although can reduce you half while learning it.

Availability of resources needs to be taken into consideration before stepping into your shoes to learn a foreign language. Resources comprises of institutes and qualified, experienced teachers available in your niche.

Learning a foreign language as per your skills, demands and future requirement can open up the doors to a new life. All you need to do is to prepare yourself to cope up with the ever changing world.

Syeda Eba


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