IIT JEE Preparation Tips

IIT JEE Preparation: Intensive and Methodical

Every student desires to study in a renowned institution. An engineering degree from Indian Institute of Technology tops the chart. Every year an entrance exam is conducted for seeking admission into this premier institute of the nation.

Thousands of aspirants work hard and try to clear this exam to seek admission. However, only a select few clear the entrance exam for the most sought after institution. This article focuses on IIT JEE preparation tips.

One needs to practice and work diligently in order to clear the test. However, just diligence does not suffice, hard work needs to be combined with few tips and tricks to make it smart work.

My Trusted Tutor assists you by providing some useful tips, formulated by our expert team of teachers, to help you clear the exam with flying colours. 

Every student must focus on basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics prescribed by CBSE in the NCERT of grade 11th and 12th. Two volumes of Concepts of Physics by Dr HC Verma can be consulted for Physics.

Kinematics and Dynamics section of grade 11th and Electromagnetism, Semiconductors and Alternating current should be emphasised on and practiced regularly.

For chemistry, one needs to have adequate knowledge of periodic table and characteristics of elements. Organic chemistry and physical chemistry must be practiced regularly.

Mathematical concepts of NCERT must be emphasised on. Numericals of physics, physical chemistry and maths and equations of Organic Chemistry should be solved regularly to achieve quick results.

One should also evaluate oneself through solving question papers of all the topics prescribed in the syllabus. One could also create a flow chart with all basic concepts and important formulae so as to remember them.

Once done with this, one can also solve various sample papers in a given span of time to enhance speed of calculation to find a solution quickly.

This way, an aspirant will know all the basic concepts and by practice will also solve all the questions quickly. 

How MyTrustedTutor Helps

The importance of guidance is irreplaceable for this exam and our team of experienced teachers at My Trusted Tutor shall mentor you at every step.

The teachers shall come to your residence as per your convenience to teach your ward and help them achieve their goal of studying in one of the IITs.

With our hassle-free procedure, you can sit conveniently and rely on us to assist you with every little thing you need.

With the help of our teachers and diligence of your ward, we can witness the success of your child together.

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