Importance of Questions and Doubts in Academics

Questions are slippery things, with an energy of their own! The ways we ask them shape the answers we get.

If you are thinking of getting a tutor, there are certain question you need to ask yourself and then the tutor you plan to appoint. Asking the right questions helps clear doubts can make all the difference in choosing a teacher.

Tutoring is a growing profession today. Currently, there are over 2 Lacs people practicing tutoring in Mumbai and sub-urbs. It is indeed a challenging task to find the right teacher from the many.

Before deciding which tutor is the best fit for your child, you should make it a point to interrogate and know certain things. Asking questions before the appointment of a tutor is extremely crucial to build a fair understanding between the tutor and the parents of the students.

With a little planning, you can easily slim down your choices and make sure your child gets what’s necessary. When dealing with a tutoring company, you expect and trust it to hire the right person for your child.

Be sure you agree with the company’s thinking and if otherwise, do not hesitate to gain clarity on thoughts.  As a parent you have the right to know how much say you have in selecting a tutor and how the company regulates what is appropriate for your child.

In the occasions when the tutor is not available, will your child be assigned with a substitute?

If you’ve chosen an online portal for your tutoring service for example My trusted, ask in which language the classes will be delivered and also the hours of classes.

You should make it a point to ask how the tutor plans to build a rapport with your child and become familiar with the textbooks and assignments.

Next thing you should know is the tutor’s qualifications. Does he have experience teaching the subject your child needs help with?

If the tutor hold enough experience in teaching children of similar ages. If your child has special needs, the tutor should be properly trained to take lessons.

With asking the above question, request for evidences of the tutor’s success from the portal concerned in raising student achievement. You should know where the sessions will take place.

In the case of online tutoring, make sure your child has access to necessary equipment and the teacher should be comfortable with them.

How many students will be tutored at a time? If the teacher provides group tutoring, find out what is the maximum number of students per session. Ask the method the teacher will adopt to devise a study plan that’s right for the child.

Develop a routine to discuss the progress with the tutor. Policy for cancellations and makeup sessions should be discussed before the appointment. The above mentioned dialogues will help in achieving better result.

Arundhati Sarkar

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