Kaira Talks

Kaira Talks- An Educational Video Series

Kaira Talks is an educational video series which aims at enhancing the educational quality amongst the students by providing them cutting-edge videos on various topics related to the challenges and opportunities in the field of modern day education.

Objectives of Kaira Talks

1. Enhance educational qualities amongst the students
2. Help students become better and lifelong learners
3. Offer interactive video programmes for the students
4. Preparing students for competitive exams
5. Our mission is to make learning exciting and fun

Type of content we are looking for can vary from teacher to teacher depending on the field of expertise.

The teacher will be given the freedom to choose the topic of discussion and let the editor of My Trusted Tutor know about it.

A brief pre-session discussion will be held by the host of the series to make the things flow hasslefree.

Timings: It will be a 30 minutes discussion. The teachers/professional education expert will be sharing the views and experience with the host (one-on-one) through Zoom.

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