Learn How to File Income Tax Return Form ITR-2A

Learn How to File Income Tax Return Form ITR-2A

This article has been penned by the original MyTrustedTutor.com team and is an insight into learning to file income tax return form ITR-2A.

Learn How to File ITR-2A:

This AY 2016-17 (i.e FY 2015-16 whatever income you have earned from April 2015 to March 2016), Income Tax Department has notified new Income Tax Return Form ITR-2A. This needs to be filed by Taxpayer who have income from the following sources:

1. Income from Salary

2. Income from House Property

3. Income from Other Sources

Anyone, who were use to file ITR-2 till last year, can now use ITR-2A from this AY 2016-17, if they have income from more than 1 House property and if there is loss in House property. Most likely, who have taken housing loan and paying interest, those taxpayer will have loss from House property. So, they need ITR-2A only.

Unlike ITR-1, ITR-2A has to be filed only after downloading excel utility or Java utility from Income Tax Website:

Step 1: Personal Information: This is very simple, as you have been filling for last several years and even if you are first-timer, you will not find difficulty. Aadhar Card and Passport Number, is new but it is not mandatory to fill.

Step 2: Salary/House Property/Other Sources: Keep your Form 16 handy and start entering details. Go to Salary section and complete details, enter details of your House Property like Address, etc. If you have earned income in way of Dividend, Interest, etc, enter in Other sources. Do check, Interest from Bank Fixed Deposits are taxable.

Step 3: CFL- Carry Forward Losses, etc will not be of much significance to large number of taxpayer. 80-G; If you have made any donation in the last year, do check and have donation receipt handy.

Step 4: 80C deduction must be there in your form 16. If you have forgotten to declare to your employer, you can do now and recompute your tax. EI- In exempt Income, you dont need to pay tax, just it is used for reporting purpose. Like dividend received from shares or mutual fund falls under exempt Income category.

Step 5: Enter details of TDS from your Form 16 or Form 16A. If any short payment has to be made, make payment and enter details at IT- Details of Advance Payment and Self- Assessment Tax.

Step 6: Now, in Total Income, declare details of all your active Bank Account. It’s over now, Validate and generate XML and upload in Income Tax website les pilules viagra. Either, you can do e-verification or take the print and send it to CPC- Bengaluru

Sit Now and Relax!!!! Annual ritual is over.

In case, to any one it sounds very technical, we can help you in filing ITR-2A and can write your query at [email protected] or call/SMS/Whatsapp at 9987587591 or click here.


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