Parenting Advice: What Should Parents Teach Kids?

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This article on parenting advice penned by Arundhati Sarkar is an insight into what the kids should be taught by their parents in terms of values and manners.

The role of the parent is of more important in the learning of a kid in his or her toddler days. It is from the family that the kids pick up behaviours and other mannerisms.

Some parents often find it ‘cute’ when their kids don’t abide by certain things told to them and do whatever they feel like, but it is this behaviour that the same parent will question at a later stage.

It is worthy to inculcate certain values in the child and teach him ways of life, keeping in mind, that it is from this bunch of value, he will choose to follow at a later stage.

The role of teacher can be most trying and demanding when children are very young. The parents are the teachers for children at their younger age.

For a parent, the earliest task is to decide upon, and implement, the confines your child needs to live well and securely.

The roles of a parent and child can be compared to those of an educator and a pupil. When it comes to, ‘Who is more important in the child’s upbringing’, it is quite challenging if we want to compare whether mother or father is more important.

Naturally, family is made up of mother, father, and children and the children are supposed to be raised by both parents. When parents take equal responsibility, this effects the child’s development throughout their lives.

The parent creates a confident sense of structure for the child by educating him or her about certain beliefs and values that govern the family.

But having said that, the parents should also teach children to think on their own and this happens in stages. For example: The importance of treating people equally is a necessary value that a child needs to learn at an early age because this will one day help him negotiate the complex world of peer-group interactions.

For parents, bringing up a child and making him or her educated, responsible and self-reliant is a challenge in today’s fast changing world.

For a mother especially as she has the duty to maintain authority in the house and at the same time giving her child knowledge and self-confidence.

Parents have the duty to teach their children to make wise decisions on his or her behalf. Another important value the parents need to promote at home is the value of honesty.

Give your children honest feedbacks.  Teach them to think about others’ feelings and to be generous with affection. Above all, the child must learn to listen.

When the kid learns to listen he will naturally perform a lot other task in a disciplined manner. Now here is a list of things you might want to teach your child:

  1. Apologize when something goes wrong
  2. Distinguish needs from wants
  3. Deal with rejection and disappointment
  4. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide without using a calculator
  5. Accept others for their differences
  6. Manage stress
  7. Speak in front of a group
  8. Say please and thank you
  9. Read newspaper
  10. Treat others with kindness and respect

Arundhati Sarkar

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