Pearson Test of English Academic: Understanding the System

Introduction of PTE Academic

Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is a new-fangled, transnational, computer-based academic English language test which perfectly assesses the listening, reading, speaking, and writing abilities of test participants who belong to non-English Environment as well as must prove their level English proficiency.

PTE Academic Test provides a realistic measure of candidates’ linguistic skill to academia, upper teaching organizations, and administration sectors besides organizations demanding academic English.

PTE exam is recognized by the Graduate Management Admission Council.

PTE Academic Test format

Pearson English Test is a CBT test i.e. a Computer Based Test. And following is your PTE test layout:

PTE Part Content Time allowed

PTE Segment Content Length
Introduction Introduction Introduction
1 Speaking and writing 77-93 minutes
2 Reading 32- 41 minutes
3 Listening 45-57 minutes
After segment 2, there will be a break of 10 minutes

 Contents in the PTE Test

Section Types of questions Number of questions
Speaking Read Aloud 6
  Repeat sentence 10
  Describe image 6
  Retell lecture 3
  Short questions 10
Writing Summarize written text 2
  Write essay 2
Reading multiple choice, select single answer 2
  multiple choice, select multiple answers 2
  Reorder paragraphs 2
  reading: Fill in the blanks 4
  reading and writing: Fill in the blanks 5
Listening Summarize spoken test 2
  multiple choice, selectmultiple answers 2
  Fill in the blanks 2
  Highlight correct summary 2
  multiple choice, select single answer 2
  Select missing word 2
  Highlight incorrect words 2
  Write from dictation 3


Candidates are permitted to take a short break after segment 2 of the PTE test i.e.(Reading). Directives will appear on the computer screen at the applicable time.

In order to take a break, Directions on the screen must be followed. The break is planned for 10 minutes, which comprises of the time it takes to sign back into the PTE testing room and return to desk.

If participants surpass the assigned 10 minutes, the time will be taken away from the subsequent segment of the PTE test. If Candidates do not need a break, the break time will not be furthered to test time.


Some objects check verbal English ability. Participants will be tested on their ability to speak into a microphone and record their response. They will have an opportunity to record their response just once.

If they do not answer in three seconds after hearing the tone, their answer will not be documented in addition,they have to go forward to the next section.


Some objects check written English ability. Candidates have to write their replies as per the standard written English norms by means of an accepted spelling concord, for illustration, British or American.

For this section of the PTE exam, participants are allotted a precise amount of time to answer back. If they do not answer the writing elements in the given time, they have to go forward to the next section.


There is a single time section containing five types of items. Here, students are given a short passage to read and based on this they are supposed to answer the questions. Types of questions are given above.


Some objects check ability to listen to spoken English. The PTE test uses diverse ranges of English, alike British, American, and Australian.

PTE Test

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Registration

Visit following website, click on ‘Quick Links’ which can be seen at the right hand side, tick on ‘Register for PTE Academic’.

Policy for repeating the PTE exam

Students can repeat the PTE test as many times as they want after receiving the PTE test results of earlier exam. Organizations will not be in a position to perceive candidates’ scores from earlier attempts.

Hence, Students are in a position to forward their scores to an infinite number of organizations, but only seven recipients must be selected at any one time.

Validity of the scores is for two years from the date of the PTE test. Thereafter scores will not be reflected on the website.

Common FAQs about the PTE exam

What is PTE Test?

It is a computer based academic English language test aimed to measure the listening, reading, speaking and writing abilities of test participants who do not belong to English environment that is, those who come from countries where English is a secondary language. 

When will I receive my PTE Test scores?

From the date of the test taken, you will be informed within five days via electronic mail when your PTE Academic scores are accessible.

Results can also be viewed by means of an account which a candidate must have created while doing registration of PTE exam and a request for making the scores available to an unlimited number of organization of student’s choice can be made.

What is the procedure of the universities to check PTE scores?

You need to forward your marks to the institute you have applied to as well as pertinent immigration consultant via your Pearson account. In order to do this,you are required to log into your account, choose your PTE Academic score and click on ‘Send Scores’. 

What is the best way to get ready for the test?

This link can be used for a free practice test and also right to use a range of means to benefit while doing PTE test preparation. There is free online tutorial is available on this website 

Availability of Locations for the PTE test:

This link contains information about availability of centres for the PTE test.

How much should I score In PTE Exam to be accepted by institutes?

Consult with the organization you are applying to for PTE Academic entrance scores however PTE Test score assortment is from 10 to 90.

PTE Payment policy

Candidates need to make a full payment while booking the PTE test which should be according to the currency specified for the particular nation otherwise payment will not be accepted.

Note: If the PTE test participant is aged 16 to 17, he or she requires filling parental consent form which must be scanned and sent to Pearson through fax or via email.

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