Pre-Screening Test for Teachers- Invitation to design and Collaborate

We at is soon launching Recruitment Solution for Teachers where in will be providing Job Opportunities (Full Time or Part Time or Freelancing) to Teachers from various sectors like School, Colleges, Coaching Classes, Ed-Tech Company, Publishing House and from Corporates. 

For this we are launching a Pre-screening test for Teachers. Test will comprise on 3 aspects:

  1. Basic Communication Test (English, Hindi or any regional language)
  2. Basic Subject Knowledge Test for All Boards and all Grades (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Science, History, Geography, English, Hindi, Marathi, Economics, Political ScienceOther Regional Language and Foreign Language and many more)
  3. Basic Online Teaching Capability Test

We are inviting experienced and veteran teachers to collaborate and design the test for any of the above segments. Tests will be online (MCQ) and time-duration will be 30-45 minutes for each test. If you are interested in collaborating and designing tests, you can fill up the Registration Form for the test and will take your expert guidance in designing the Pre-screening test.

How to apply for the Test Design and Collaboration?

You can click here to apply

Why do we want to do a Pre-Screening Test?

What we believe that Pre-screening test or Self-evaluation test will help teachers to assess knowledge level required for conducting/performing future Job Roles. Even if you are not looking for Job, you can take the test to know the level of knowledge.

If you are not able to clear the test at the first attempt, you can revisit the concept and can appear for the test again. For Recruiters, it will save valuable time, as Recruiters will receive quality resumes and the hiring process will become shorter and faster

To partner for Test, do apply here

About Us: is connected with 25000+ Teachers and we are in the process of building an ecosystem for Teachers and Educators. 

Our Vision is to make Teachers Independent, self-reliant and empowered. 

Our Mission is to make Teachers an Independent Professional.

To achieve our vision and mission, We are providing following services:

  1. Private/Home Tuition and Online Tuition to Individual Students or Group Classes
  2. Recruitment Solutions to Schools/Colleges, Ed-Tech Company, Publishing House and trainers to Corporate.
  3. Teachers Training to Individual Teachers and to Schools/Colleges/Institutions.
  4. Online Courses (Upcoming)

Looking forward to collaborate with you.

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