CA Preparation: Preparing for CA Exams Optimally Part 2

CA Preparation

Part I can be accessed HERE.
  1. Be regular and sincere in your studies – It’s really essential to be always regular in your studies and try to be in touch with the books always. I have been through such instances in my preparations where even a few days gap from studies has been fatal and has always broken the flow of preparations and I had to face many difficulties. So, always try to minimise breaks and distractions as much as possible to maintain the preparations on a regular basis.
  2. Mock tests and past papers – To acclaim the taste of victory of the real battle, one should put himself to test through dummy like battle scenario. The mock tests and past papers do exactly that.

It becomes very easy on our part to solve q’s when we take one q’s at a time but the same would create a problem when we are put to solve numerous q’s in a 100 marks paper in exam and we are unable to solve it to our best in time though we know the answers to it.

As it’s said, “Practice makes a man perfect”, the same statement would be perfectly justified if we sit for mock tests and practice the past papers. Here’s a look at what I did in my case:-

It was SEP 2014 and the NOV 2014 IPCC exam was approaching. Although I had made a preparation beyond my capabilities in the best possible manner, I was still lack of confidence as I had never been put to test in real like exam scenario beforeas the NOV attempt was my first.

It’s when ICAI declared mock tests were about to be conducted soon and so I thought this would probably help me to optimise my performance and help me regain confidence for the exams. Surprisingly we were only a handful of students who had registered for the exams among a crowd of many who had to appear for the exams.

I sat for the mocks and found out that I had scored merely 41,33,40,41 respectively in the four papers of the first group. I started to doubt on myself and q’s hovered in my mind whether I would clear the exams or not. I stepped up my efforts and studied really hard without any break to get through.


That thought process worked in my favour and I even gave 3-4 past papers of all subjects just a week prior to the exams. The process was simple, I locked myself in a room, set the timer for 3 hours and started to write the past papers when the timer started backward counting. It helped me in several ways as mentioned below:-

  1. It improved my writing speed as I had to race against time to complete the paper in time.
  2. It helped me to make a strategy of how to attempt the q’s,i.e. which q’s to attempt in priority over others.
  3. It helped me immensely to remain calm during exams and utilise the 3 hours to the best possible extent.
  4. Most importantly it helped me to regain my confidenceback.

NOTE: Try to give the mocks and past papers during the end period of your preparations during the last 2 weeks prior to the exams as you will be completely prepared for the exams and can benefit immensely from it.

Also do make sure to self-evaluate the papers yourself and give marks to yourself being the checker and try to find out the range where you score to assess your performance. Also you can register yourself at various websites which provide you q’s papers and also send your scores and help you to assess your performance.

  1. Avoid wasting time in unnecessary activities- Try to reduce the no. of hours spent on various unnecessary activities which reduces your day’s effectiveness and this includes a range of activities such as using FB, chatting on Whatsapp or other kind of distractions.I am not against any use of such media, rather they are essential in today’s digital age. But, these will be effective only when we use it for the purpose for which I am writing this piece and rather wasting time in such websites doesn’t help in any way. Remember you will have enough time once the exams are over.

NOTE:Use various professional websites and try to participate in various forum discussions and be a part of it. It definitely helps you very much to improve your concepts learnt and also makes you a better individual. It helps to scale up your learning experience and clarify many things.

  1. Try to find some very powerful inspirational statements or quotes and write it down in all the books or copies which you are using in your preparations. It works wonders and stimulates a positive energy in your body to work for your goals.

Change your name with the addition of prefix of CA in it. You will definitely be motivated to work for your goals and would never think of deviating from your objectives. Try to have a look at it atleast once in a day, you can feel the difference in yourself.

Visualize being a chartered accountant and the dreams you always have aspired for yourself from the profession,before you sleep. Try to write down in a diary about the activities done by you throughout the day which took you a step closer to your goal, before you sleep.

Try to talk to your peers, discuss the problems with them where you don’t understand something, take the help of seniors, teachers or anyone else with whom you feel comfortable. Never ever let a doubt remain as a doubt and try your best to find answers to it.

In the end find a reason to associate yourself to of why are you working so hard to be a part of this profession. Be sincere in your approach and you will always find several reasons to cherish about your sincerity. Take the guidance from those who already have made it and learn from it to compare your strategies with theirs, never hesitate to communicate in such regard.

I would like to conclude this by saying a statement once said by my teacher and role model, “DIL ME HAMESHA CA BANNE KI AAG JALAYE RAKHNA, JAB TAK YE AAG JALTI RAHEGI TABTAK TUM USI AUR APNI KOSHISH JARI RAKHOGE”(Keep the desires of becoming of CA in your heart alive always, as long as you are passionate about it you will always be inclined to work on it).

Having said all of the above, I do have many more things to say, but I guess these are sufficient for the cause for which I am writing this piece. I would definitely like to get your feedbacks,comments and suggestions for improving this article further to help each other associate ourselves for the common cause.

I hope I have been of any service to you and could help you in anyway through this piece. Visit this link for my other articles,

My next article would be on “How to write the CA exams”. Stay connected for next update. My best wishes are with you for your future endeavours.

Part I can be accessed HERE.

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