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Statement of Purpose Engineering

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We have witnessed a remarkable growth and development of Embedded System and its applications. Perhaps the next decade will shape the technologies to take the present Information Age to Embedded System and its convergences with other system which will be portable or wearable. The Embedded System offers a boundless outlet for creative activity in invention, design and analysis.

Since my childhood, I was always fascinated about all the high-tech toys the big shops displayed. Since I never had enough money to purchase them, hence I always tried to build them myself.

Lack of knowledge and resources never allowed me figure anything successfully at that time, but it made me crave for more knowledge that could allow me to build similar things.

My parents being precisely supportive towards my interests always provided me different sources; from magazines like ‘electronics for you’ to some basic electronics starter kit, from where I could advance the knowledge. Through this proactive support, I was introduced to the vast field of electronics right from my young age.

Though not really skilled through formal trainings, I could easily create simple working models like remote controlled race cars, walky-talkies on the electronic circuitry using rudimentary components and tools. However, it helped me develop my skills of handling tools and construct models within the modest resources available.

As a part of supportive activities, my parents had introduced me to various pioneers and precursors in scientific and socio-cultural fields. The immense joy of creating very simplistic working models, which were most of the time approximate replica of the existing one, were enough for me to understand what the inventors like Alexander Bell, Thomas Edison felt when they created new stuff. With time, the craving for this un-satiated feeling grew and I knew that this is what I would love to do for my entire life.

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.” It is that eminent inspiring maxim of Scott Adams which supports me to keep my focus on my aim even after some distractions which sometimes surround me and keeping this same apothegm in mind I entered college, I laterally with some of my likeminded friends formed a group called Society for uplifting of Robotics and Engineering (S.U.R.E.) for the students who were interested in the field of robotics.

There with the constant search for something to create or develop, we started to form various kinds of Robots, organizing events to educate the interested students and participating in competitions.  Being in-charge of Robotics and Programming, myself got totally into the field of Microcontrollers and Digital Electronics during all my all 4 years during Graduation in Engineering.

I was also convoluted in constructing different projects like Quad Rotor and Go-Kart. I used a blog to post information about these projects and tutorials as well. This helped us in getting feedback, particularly about the obvious mistakes novices normally make. During these times, we also stood third in ABU-Robocon India, which is a national level robotics competition.

The course I opted in my college had several subjects of my interest such as Embedded Systems and Real Time Operating Systems, Microcontroller Applications, Digital Electronics. I admit, though the scores I obtained in examinations are not too prodigious, I have thorough knowledge of all these subjects both theoretical and practical.

I have worked enough with electronics all these years, developing various projects, and now have the confidence and aptitude to design and develop any concept in a very little time so that if the resources are available, then Proof of Concept (PoC) can be demonstrated.

In all these years I have toiled a lot on platforms like AVR (Advanced Virtual RISC), PIC (Programmable Interface Controller) , ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) etc., but I crave knowledge, to understand all the technologies available. Therefore, by opting for the course of Embedded Systems, I am pretty indisputable that it will be a key to vast field of knowledge.

Today, Maker Culture is on its peak, lots of new products and concepts are getting introduced every day. Right now I am just a part of it. I do not want to be just one of this jamborees; I desire to be the active contributor for the thread of my interest and only way to do so is to excel in all the technologies and fields available.

I am very fascinated in studying at your University as it is one of the esteemed Universities in the field of Electronics Engineering. The courses as per my knowledge are up to date and will allow me to understand and learn the latest cutting age technologies. Also as per the information available on your Website and public domain, the Laboratories in your University are very well equipped; the faculty is highly experienced and is extremely supportive towards the students generic viagra online. So I know that decide on a course in your University will enhance my Value Framework and fulfill my Academic Craving making me better global citizen contributing to the inclusive policies.

The course I am selecting requires a lot of efforts and hard work and I assure you that I am well prepared and have necessary commitment, intelligence and stamina to meet your challenging standards. I am very enthusiastic to pursue my Masters at your treasured University and I am confident that it is going to be a well rewarding experience for me which will be the first step towards accomplishment of my goal.

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