Statement of Purpose Master of Science in Information System

Statement of Purpose Master of Science

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“To adapt is to move ahead”, aptly said by Byron Pulsifer; this holds true more than ever in today’s evolving business world. The ways of business have evolved and so have the businesses themselves. The last two decades have seen a changing scenario of the technological involvement in business. From core concepts to optimized concepts, technology has played a pivotal role in developing the business world. In my opinion, in today’s state of affairs, the efficacy of a business plan lies in its technology infrastructure.

I feel propitious to be placed in a position where I have a degree in Technology and four years of experience in managing business processes. At this juncture of my professional career, I sense an urging need to return back to academics to enhance my skills and establish myself as a better Techno-Management Professional. Therefore, I plan to apply for the Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program of your well-known university.

I have learnt technology’s theoretical concepts during my undergraduate course – Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology, and it was well complimented by the various practical aspects learned during mandatory lab works and projects. My final year project involved working on a process control device that included data acquisition, controlling and monitoring the real time process.

It helped me to gain a deep insight in Controlling & Monitoring Real Time Systems. I have learned a lot behind business process while working in Accounts Department for four years of a Mid-Size IT Organization. At this stage of my career, I understand the importance of Real Time Systems in complementing Business processes.

My tryst with the world of Accounting was a pleasant accident that happened at one of the technology workshop I had attended during my undergraduate days. I was motivated to work on building a vendor management system post the workshop. In order to recognize the business process behind it, I contacted the Accounts Manager from a software organization.

Later, I was offered Accounts Trainee role in the same organization. Perplexed by the offer, I discussed the opportunity and was communicated that they wanted someone from technology background as they were planning to undertake automation at their place next year and were looking for such people who would be keen to learn business process.

Under the leadership of Business Strategy Manager and Chief Accounts Officer, I started with Accounts Payable and Receivables. The existing system lacked streamlined process; serious need of automation was evident.

Once the automation project started, I steered the implementation of Vendor Management System that integrated various processes – vendor registration, vendor bill submission, vendor bill validation & booking and vendor payment and communication. Later, I also handled US Payroll for the organization where accuracy was the key and it demanded focus and determination.

During my four years of valued association with accounts department, I managed to gain first-hand experience of various business processes, chance to create process and be part of two major technology implementation. The yearning to explore larger possibility in the techno-management areas was a major driving force for me to recommence academics.

With increased need and emphasis of technology in managing Business processes, the Information Systems are the backbone of the infrastructure. A Masters in this field in addition to my undergraduate degree in Information Technology will allow me learn about advanced technology and business management using such technology. This will also provide me an opportunity to keep myself posted with the updated technology and strategies.

In order to devise myself for the trials of an effective upcoming line of business, it is indispensible that I syndicate my experience by way of further education in management.

This will provide an exclusive competitive improvement within me in the global place of work, thus I have selected your esteemed university for my Master’s because of excellent faculty, the course curriculum and industry tie-ups.

As The MSIS program at your university specifically inculcates students with solid information systems foundation and appropriate business skills, which would complement to my existing skills in both domains. It would benefit me to graduate as an industry ready consultant and would also lay the foundation for my future entrepreneurial aspirations.

I am confident that my undergraduate program and work experience has prepared me well for the master’s degree from your university and I would be capable of adding diversity and value to the class with my industry experience. I shall ensure my best and sincere efforts in meeting the high standards set by your university.

I request you to kindly consider me to secure any form of financial assistance, as it would be of great help to me. I wish to show gratitude you for your valuable time and look forward to a long and symbiotic relationship.