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Varun Iyer:

I was interned with MTT in 2015-16, during the final year of my BE, with the Business Development team.

I basically started my journey with talking to cold leads, and gradually moved my way up to conversing with warm leads, and actually contributing to the MTT business :).

I started this internship as an easy means to earn some part time money while still studying, but this internship did a lot more than that to me. 

Firstly, I understood how the world outside college would look like. Since in my first year of college, I always dreamt of building my own startup along with a group of friends, and well, in my dream, the journey to building my startup was always pleasant.

After taking up the internship and working as a Business Dev, I realised how painful can this part of building a startup be. Next, I learnt a new skill that I added to my resume – conversation skills!

I started my internship with taking cold calls for MTT, and people can be terrible to you at times, when they get called without wanting to. I kinda researched a lot on how to handle people at such times, and yes, that helped me a lot. 

Last but definitely not the least, I started making money in my final year of college, just working ~15 hours a week. Well, it was not a lot, but it was more than enough for me back then. Earning your own money makes you feel independant, and that is a very nice feeling 🙂

And of course, my journey with MTT was happy only because of seniors like Rishav, who give youngsters the time and space to learn. 

Wishing the MTT team a glorious path ahead.

Supriti Kripalani

First of all ,I really appreciate  the opportunity to work with you. Simply being a graduate with absolutely no work experience I was very excited to be part of your organisation as a business development executive. It was a very enriching experience as it boosted my confidence and self esteem which I believe are two very important attributes for one to grow in the professional world. By the end of my internship I realised I was no longer apprehensive to talk to various kinds of people from various walks of life and I had developed several skills like customer problem solving,customer handling,and completing tasks efficiently in a given time frame .Also, my superiors were very understanding and cooperative which helped me to carry out my responsibilities smoothly and maintain a free flow of communication with regard to problems I was facing.

Radhika, 26th June 2020:

It was great working with you.

At first I was very bit nervous but Gradually I become comfortable.

I m happy to work with you. You are a best guide and because of your guidelines i haven’t faced any struggle.I learnt  a lot from this flat form.

1.How to handle webinar

2.Dealing with clients.

3.Designing banner.

At first when I used to deal with clients I feel bit hesitate but because of this platform I am free enough to talk with them .

Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I expect while working with you I will be learning a lot from you.As learning never ends.

As a student, I just began my college life, and was experiencing an enigma of emotions and freedom. I was juggling between balancing academics and fun. Amidst all this, I started exploring newer media to broaden my horizon. While surfing on the internet, I came across the idea of internships where companies hire freelancers to do a number of tasks. This becomes a learning experience as well as a channel to earn some stipend and take the first step towards financial independence. Among the plethora of internships, I ended up choosing Business Development Internship at My Trusted Tutor. After applying for the internship, I had to appear for a telephonic interview where I was tested on my communication skills. After the interaction, I received an affirmative response and then, began my journey with My Trusted Tutor.

I primarily took this internship up because of my keen interest in interacting with people. As a Business Development Intern, I was assigned the task of contacting different categories of people and making them aware of the functionality of the firm. I interacted with various teachers, students, parents and guardians throughout my journey with MTT.  The diversity involved in the internship made it much more interesting to pursue. Not only were people extremely keen to know about this new medium that facilitates the process of tutoring, they were also extremely supportive and encouraging with their words. They adopted this new medium and contacted us with new queries and registrations. Teachers agreed to associate themselves with the start-up, and students readily took advantage of the convenience that came out of MTT. As an intern, this keenness assisted me in performing my role in a better manner. With the increasing interactions, the number of satisfied and happy associates also increased. This realisation made work a happy place. The resultant yield was an enthusiastic intern who worked with an immensely supportive team at My Trusted Tutor to learn and grow, along with changing the traditional and orthodox perception of tutoring.

During the course of my internship, MTT has taught me the appropriate way of resolving things. The sheer number of interactions each day is massive and each one opens a new horizon. The internship improves one’s interactive skills, along with acquainting one with diverse amount of cultures, people and perceptions. This experience has made college life a much happier and enriching phase. The professional work flow, along with enormous support and a personal touch of conviviality is what makes My Trusted Tutor a special place. The interaction among the team as well as with the associates functions through an extremely professional methodology devised by a team of experts. However, each person associated with MTT is bestowed with personal attention that makes it an extremely unique experience. As an intern, MTT has played a vital role in my growth and has also nurtured me by patiently teaching me how to take every little step towards adjusting in a professional setup and thriving to succeed.

Prateeksha Pathak

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