Teachers Training

We are looking for Teachers Trainers for the following Webinar Topics. If interested, do write to us at [email protected]

At MyTrustedTutor.com we have already conducted 50+ Teachers Training Program for Teachers.

  1. Collaborative learning in classroom
  2. Strategies to motivate and engage students
  3. Workshop on creating e-student portfolios for documenting their achievements and growth
  4. Continuous and invisible assessment especially formative assessment of students of pre primary and primary
  5. Planning for education post covid
  6. Social and emotional learning
  7. Shifting teaching strategies to Project based learning
  8. How to make Online Teaching more impressive
  9. How to make Students so easy and helpful
  10. How to become Content Writer and earn Royalty
  11. How to become Counsellor and make a Career
  12. Financial, Investment and Tax Planning for Teachers and Educators
  13. What is Experiential Learning
  14. How to make Teaching Videos
  15. How to become SME- Subject Matter Experts
  16. What is Blended Learning
  17. What is Competency Based Learning
  18. What is CBT- Congnitive Behavioral Therapy
  19. What is CBT and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  20. Teaching Tools for Primary Class
  21. How a Teacher can make Career in Coding
  22. How to use Interactive content
  23. How to teach a Special Child
  24. How to help Children who face reading and writing problems
  25. How to start own Platform for Teaching and Counselling
  26. What is Creative Writing and how to teach Creative Writing
  27. How to become a good Public Speaker
  28. What is Instructional Design and how to make a Career
  29. How to build Powerful Conversation
  30. What is Stroytelling and how to do in teaching
  31. Pedagogical session on Maths
  32. Students Problem while attending Online School
  33. How to teach English Language online in an interactive way
  34. Virtual Class Control and Time Management
  35. How Psychology effects in Teaching
  36. Teaching Strategies and Techniques
  37. Learning Disability
  38. After Corona- How to improve interest in Class
  39. Psychology and the Brain
  40. Webinar on Collaborative activity for Tinytots
  41. How to start own blog
  42. Design Thinking
  43. Critical Thinking on Health and Wellness
  44. Diet and Development of Food Habits
  45. Life Skills Training for Teachers
  46. How can we conduct activities for students online?

Career Choices:

  1. What are Career Options after Standard/Class/Grade 12th
  2. Career options in Liberal Arts
  3. How to guide students about making different Career Choices

We are also Looking for Trainers for EdTech Tools:

EdTech Tools on Teachers Training

If interested, in any of the topic, do revert to us at [email protected] with your contact information and brief profile.



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