Teaching as a Loved Profession

Teaching Profession

Teaching profession is one of the greatest career choices. It is a process that facilitates learning. A teacher has specialized knowledge in a subject and teaching is the application of the knowledge, skills and attributes designed to provide unique learning experiences.

A true teacher is one who makes teaching a mission in life. He believes that knowledge expands and enhances when shared. To an ideal teacher a pupil is like a bud that needs to stretch itself out to emerge as a flower in full bloom!

Here a true teacher plays the role of a gardener. Teaching serves a great social purpose. Teachers love what they do as they have a responsibility to provide informed leadership. Teachers have a lasting effect.

The reason to take up teaching as a profession differs from individual to individual. This profession has won its well-deserved place in the social order.

Teachers have the capacity to control or influence minds. The profession has influence over professional development, ethical and performance standards, and professional discipline.

Mr Buroshiva Dasgupta, Director, NSHM Institute of Media & Design, when asked about why he loves teaching, he said, “I have been a full time professional media person for more than 15 years and I thought it would be a nice experiment if I try to interact with the new generation and show them what I learnt. But the experiment became a passion. I switched to full time teaching. And have been doing for another 15 years. Interacting with new ideas new minds gives me greater energy. I learn too.”

Some teachers are of the opinion that, through teaching, they get to see the world from all the different perspectives of their students. There is a scope to explore diverse issues and situations.

Mr Ujjal Kanti Sarkar, Assistant Teacher with Prabartak Vidyarthi Bhawan, West Bengal, says, “To me, teaching is not merely a profession. It is a mission. Young leaners are like soft clay and we teachers, like potters, have ample opportunity to mould them for the better and build them according to the requirements of the world around.

As a teacher I can inspire them, motivate them and help them develop a never-say-die spirit to achieve something worthwhile in life. As a teacher I feel like a gardener who enjoys watching out every single phase of the process through which a bud grows into a rose. In my view, being a teacher, I am in fact a dream merchant. Every dream comes true on the part of my students in my moment of creative satisfaction.”

Mrs Mita Chatterjee, educator with Auxilium Convent School, says, “I love teaching because it gives me job.  I get satisfaction in my job. I feel I am great when they learn more.  I am happy to become a friend, guide and philosopher.

The more I teach I learn more. To get something and give them too. I love the teenagers who have lot of queries to be solved. Students are the pillars of tomorrow so feel they should be nurtured well.  I love teaching because I want myself to be occupied. I forget all my worries when I am with the students.”

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