Tête-à-Tête Corner: Tutor Interview with Amisha Gupta

Tutor Interview Corner

MyTrustedTutor has initiated an innovative segment to for tutor interview with tutors registered with them. Read on!

Interview with Amisha Gupta


I am a BCom graduate and have 2 years back completed my ECCED (Early Childhood Care & Education) Diploma from National Academy. Diploma has made me eligible for teaching Kindergarten and Playschool level classes that is till 2nd Standard. I started teaching at a school soon after. As I got married and shifted my residence I started again with home-tuition this time. I now teach all subjects till 5th Standard for State and ICSE Board.

What made you go for Private Tuition?

I love teaching! I feel so much at peace when I am teaching. That there is financial reward out of it is purely incidental.

What is your teaching approach? Your methodology?

I go chapter by chapter. Somedays I cover 2 chapters in a day. Writing, Dictation, Word Meanings are daily exercise. I work very hard with students. As students of classes till 5th are in their formative years and whatever impression they make of a subject is lasting.

What your parents/ students have to say about you?

Both students and their parents are very happy with my work. In fact, I need not be boastful (laughs) as results do most of the talking.

How has MTT helped you with your work?

MTT is complementing what I have been doing. I agree with their philosophy that we tutors cannot do everything on our own like marketing. MTT has helped me spread word about what I do and it has been benefiting me ever since I got associated 2 years back.

Why do you think your teaching has an edge over others?

I always give my 100% to a student. Students of different grasping levels come to me and I do more than I can to make learning a fantastic experience. I remember a particular girl student I had some time ago who struggled at what other students of her age found simple.

But I never gave up. I encouraged her to work harder by working harder with her. She eventually fared very well in all her subjects. It filled me with an unparalleled joy.

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