Tête-à-Tête Corner: Tutor Interview with Nikhil R

Tutor Interview Corner with Mr. Nikhil Ruparelia

MyTrustedTutor has initiated an innovative segment to for tutor interview with tutors registered with them. Read on!

Interview with Nikhil Ruparelia taken by Co-Founder of MyTrustedTutor.com- Mr. Harsh Sharma

Here it goes

Harsh: Dear Nikhil Ruparelia, please tell us abour your Background?

Nikhil: I am an ICWA- institute of Cost and Work Accountant (now known as ICMA) and MCA- (Master of Computer Application) as far as my education goes.

While working for bigwigs like Citibank, ABN AMRO etc there was a constant nagging thought that this is not what I wanted as a lifelong career. I wanted more!

However, it was not until a chance meeting with a few remarkable students preparing for GMAT (General Management Aptitute Test) that I realized I was born to coach, mentor and teach students aspiring for GMAT, ICWA, Economics etc.

I can teach a gamut of related and unrelated subject and I take pride in my versatility.

I have not looked back ever since. My experience has thus been one success after another.

What is GMAT about?

GMAT in nutshell is about situation based problems. Problems that a ‘Manager’ goes through while on the job.

GMAT is about application of live logic to a problem. Some students are naturally good at processing these problems some need a little nudge.

Both kind can work wonders if rightly mentored through their preparations.

Who should go for GMAT?

Whoever thinks he/ she has in him/ her to see through a problem logically and arrive at a solution. Whoever is up for a challenge and approaches a situation with an open-mind.

Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability etc in a GMAT paper are all about approach. And that is what I teach a student; How to approach.

What is Your teaching methodology?

Having coached a number of students appearing for GMAT  I have a sound insight of what a student is like.

For me students are of 2 types-

1. Cannot schedule their priorities properly. Lack enough focus and

2. Well organized. Orderly.

I can deal with both types intuitively. I have 100% success record with both types of students.

I develop my strategy around the needs of a student to make him/ her achieve desired results.

What your parents/ students have to say about you?

My students have kept in touch even after they cleared their GMAT and got into their dream schools. My students consider me as their friend, mentor, life coach!

I feel humbled by the feedback I have been receiving. It grounds me as I believe learning is mutual.

How has MTT(MyTrustedTutor.com) helped you with your work?

MTT is my preferred website as they take care of marketing needs.

I am too busy my classes and cannot give time to non-core activities like PR, Marketing etc.

I have seen other tutors spend a fortune to market their skills. However, with MTT I get more than what I spend!

Why do you think your teaching has an edge over others?

As I said earlier, my experience is huge. And it is with various kinds of subjects and students. My experience has made me device different strategies for different students.

When it comes to teaching ‘one size fits all’ is not applicable.

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