Tête-à-Tête Corner: Tutor Interview with Shefali Desai

Tutor Interview Corner

MyTrustedTutor has initiated an innovative segment to for tutor interview with tutors registered with them. Read on!

Interview with Shefali Desai

Background? Why Private Tuition?

I am a CA by profession. Got in a job post completion of my CA. Couldn’t continue for long for some health issues. Upon recovery instead of taking something fulltime again I decided to dabble in home-tuition. Discussed my interest with a friend who was already a subscriber of MyTrustedTutor.com. This friend spoke highly about MTT as he had found quite a few students thru MTT.

What is your tutoring methodology?

I was myself a student of CA once and I know what it is to be like a student. I was fortunate to have received tuition from a good tutor myself and that has cultivated in me a sense of what a student needs. In my meeting with a student I can pick up without actual admission by a student or parent if he/ she is a below avg, avg or above avg student. I change my strategy accordingly.

I adapt around a student’s needs so that he/ she is comfortable with me as a tutor. I then work through a student’s fear of a subject. I draw on my experience as student heavily and use to build courage and confidence in my students. I hit fundamentals of a subject hard, make them as palatable as possible. This helps in strengthening a student’s base, foundation in that subject.

What your parents/ students have to say about you? How has MTT helped you with your work?

It is results that speak. It is been God’s Grace that I have had students who had a great tuition time with me. Who having learnt from me have excelled in their grades. I am still in touch with most of my students. I get invited by students’ families for their social functions! I have God and MTT to thank for these students and tuition.

Why do you think your teaching has an edge over others?

I firmly believe in principle of ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. I have worked with students very hard. I push their limits. I make students go over fundamentals of a subject again and again till these fundamentals become a ‘natural’ talent.

I am patient yet earnest with a student as I was myself a student once and I know how a tutor’s perseverance can bring magical results out of a student.

How has MTT helped you?

It is been 3 years since I registered as a Tutor with MTT. I have met excellent students since start. My efforts with all of them have borne wonderful results. Financially too I have greatly benefited from my association with MTT. I hope to have long-lasting mutually rewarding relationship with MTT. All the Best! 

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