10 Arguments Against Private Tutors: Theory of Burden | Cost | Safety

Arguments against Private Tutors

Tutoring has become a way of life these days. Not only the rich ones but families with modest incomes are trying to invest the best for their children.

Tutoring has become like a bridge linking traditional methods of learning with complete specialised enrichment of every subject. Education seems to be incomplete without tutoring.

Various tutoring institutions have set up their big organisations to facilitate the process of tutoring- private as well as publically in groups. Private tutoring is an effective learning process.

It comes like a boom with its powerful advantages and benefits beyond life prospects but there are many disadvantages too which can become severe impediments in the way of learning process of your child.

  • Safety: The most important reason is to ensure your children’s safety. Only those tutors must be chosen for private tutoring who are properly screened by their organisations for any prior convictions. A private tutor should be accurately judged and placed on references which would ensure the safety of both. It would also imply parents’ full co-operation with the tutor.
  • Cost factor: private tutoring is expensive as compared to group tutoring. Private tutoring implies the complete focus of tutor’s attention on one individual. Most of the families are not able to pay up the price for such tutoring which makes them hire cheap tutors with lack of knowledge and the learning process goes futile.
  • Spoon feeding by tutors: Many people believe that private tutoring is like spoon feeding a child. Private tutoring hampers the personal growth of the children. They learn what they are taught rather than developing their own state of mind to formulate things. They never teach from their self-experience which devoid them of true knowledge.
  • Lack of extra-curricular activities: As many people are not able to afford the cost of private tutoring, children spend most of their time travelling from one place to another in group tutoring which leaves them no time for recreation. Extra-curricular activities are as important to children as academic studies.
  • Pressure by parents: Parents try to pressurise the children to maintain friendly relations with the tutor. The parents really forget a simple thing that is that the ideas of private tutoring should always come from the mind of a child. Only then you know he is ready to adapt himself with the changes.
  • Damages the process of learning: private tutoring tends to damage the minds of the pupils. The traditional way of learning is to acquire knowledge with self-study, since there is no self-study a child possesses no knowledge of his own.
  • Burden on the young shoulders: private tutoring burdens the minds of students and overloading of work leaves them exhausted and they are not able to complete their homework which spoils their school results.
  • Wrong timing: A bad timing between the student and the tutor can leave them both mentally tired. Studying and teaching in such a bad mood will lead to fruitful results.
  • Over-charging: private tuitions can be over charging. Extra classes can cause depression to students who are not able to cope up with their education at schools.
  • No own knowledge: knowledge comes through self-acknowledgement. If a child is too messed up within his learning process how would he prepare himself?

Private tutoring hampers both traditional learning and the personal growth of a child.

Vandana Chawla


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