Transition from Campus to Corporate World as a Journey

Campus to Corporate World

This article has been penned by Jaspreet Kaur where she discusses the challenging journey of transition from a campus life to the life during job in the corporate world.

Transition happens in life with people of every age group. It can be major or minor change. Most important transitions happen in life when one gets into adulthood and have to leave his college and enter into corporate world. This transition is most significant as it decide one’s career ahead.

After the completion of college life, the subsequent days are the toughest ones in every individual’s life. There’s need to transform oneself to face the society in different dimensions. Everyone wishes to have a successful career, thus college to corporate is considered as a complete paradigm shift.

Campus is a place which advances one’s capability in society at large through researches, service activities and finding talents and developing it to its maximum useful level. Whereas corporate is a place where one utilizes his capability by giving maximum output.

The moment one enters into corporate world, one does not remain a student at all but changes into an employee. In order to adjust in corporate environment, one has to prepare himself physically as well as mentally because one’s speech and conduct impressions upon everyone.

As a fresher, everything is new. A newcomer is new to knowledge, status and politics that they receive in corporate world. In order to cope up in corporate world, he needs to plan some strategies in order to get successful. Here are some planning strategies that one can use and act smartly in office (corporate world).

Gain acceptance and respect

 In order, to gain acceptance and respect in corporate world, one should try to be punctual and disciplined. One should come to office on time and set a good impression upon his/her boss.

Don’t argue

Never dare to argue with seniors. They hate this kind of behavior and do not accept it from their juniors. First listen to them, and then give your useful solutions if needed.

Never go for Buttering

Never do buttering of your boss, as this would not last long. Let your work speak for you. Your good performance can only keep you in your boss’s good books.

Behavioral trait, mannerism and etiquette

Behavior is important trait which makes a difference in individual’s growth. One should have qualities like punctuality, sincerity, value and ethics to a set example of good employee.

Communication skills

Corporate world require formal mode of communication. Like college, one should not communicate informally with others. One should communicate according to hierarchical level.

Follow dress code

One should follow the prescribed dress code of the office, should wear clothes as decent and sober as possible. As dress code depict one’s professionalism.

Don’t involve in office politics

Don’t involve in office gossips, try to avoid it. Listen to everyone but don’t speak negative for everyone.

Use soft skills

Use your soft skills. Try to be polite, optimistic and harmonious with everyone. Use words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ whenever required.

Submit assignments before deadline

One should try to submit assignments on time before deadline. Submitting before deadline will give you time to do last minute changes also. Office deadlines are not like college deadlines where one can extend the date and time of submission by requesting teacher.

Act as a Learner

Being a newcomer to corporate world, one should act as a learner. One should learn as much things as one can. One should open up his mind to learn new things.

By following the above suggestions, one can easily manage his job in corporate world. Apart of all these planning strategies, one should treat corporate world as a family as we usually spend fifty percent of our time there.

We should love our work and should not treat as a burden upon us. “We should love what we do”-this is one of the important planning strategy through which we can be successful.

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