We Seek Your Inputs to Make Tutoring a Great Experience

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Tutoring to some is passion, to some a profession. Each seeks or achieves a different experience based on the quality on delivery and reception.

A good tutor will need to have mastery of the material that he or she is teaching. It is important that they have a strong understanding of the subject.

When appointing a teacher, the parents look for great communication skills. A teacher is expected to hold the ability to identify the best way to deliver classes, and in a way that matches the learner’s needs. Parents look for tutors with prior experience in tutoring.

Teachers and parents recognize the importance of effective parent-teacher communication and hence both should discuss certain expectations each hold before taking up tutoring.

Students and parents are of view that a tutor provides expertise, experience, and encouragement. To have a good tutoring experience, see that you can relate to your student’s problems, the learning process becomes easy.

Students of different age will have a different perspective than their parents on the style of education. It is advisable to discover the student’s strengths and challenges in learning.

Many parents believe that their children learn best when they have more attention to their individual needs, hence parents look for private tutors who don’t take up too many students for one session. Thus, smaller classroom sizes, or even one-on-one learning, are preferred.

Teachers are expected to provide practice exercises to students on regular basis apart from theory classes as learning through practice is considered to be effective. The perception about online teaching and offline teaching is again different, as both have different benefits and needs.

Moreover, teaching and learning happens mutually, and hence, a balance needs to be struck. Parents also think that a teacher should help the student succeed at the first attempt.

Teachers are thought to be magicians. But, as a tutor, make sure the student knows it is safe to not succeed at first, there can be unsuccessful attempts.

To have a good experience in teaching, give positive feedbacks. Parents think teachers are the ones solely responsible to drive the success of the students, as a tutor you need to find success, and strengthen effort, in even minor deeds. Thus, it is good to have clarity in thoughts before taking up tuition to have a good tutoring experience.

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