Webinar- Learn to create Worksheet


Using canva to make worksheets and infographs

How to create interactive worksheets for tutoring

A new app to creat the worksheet

How to use canva software

name of the site canva for the worksheet

ways and means of creating digital worksheets, websites that help, etc

To design worksheet n give a summary in the form of attractive tag line.

Some sites which can help to prepare free worksheets

How to use canva.com, infographics, word sheets etc.
How to make worksheets, use so many buttons, customizing, paid to customized…how to do, use images, downloading, etc.etc.

How create worksheet and learn about Canva app

I learnt about the tools or apps I can use to make worksheets.and
how I can rasily customise them as per the needs of the learner. The Webinar has given me aplatform which I explore and try to make more learner friendly worksheets which will help them to understand concepts better and revisit them whenneeded

How to make worksheets through canva.com

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