What To Do After Class 10: Some Brilliant Career Options

After Class 10 : Finding the Right Fit!

Abhinav Kadambi, in this helpful article, names different career options which can be opted for after Class 10. Read on for more information.

Every year, there are a number of students who complete their class X, but are confused when considering what stream they would like to pursue.

The stream chosen in class X is what will help a student find the best career after graduating from school. Traditionally, Medicine, Chartered Accountancy and Engineering have been default options.

But now, winds of change are slowly blowing and students have begun finding their niches in other fields. One primary reason is the increasing awareness in the minds of the children and their parents regarding different career options available in contemporary times.

There are three different streams that a student can choose from after class X:

  1. Arts/Humanities
  2. Science
  3. Commerce

Each stream has a specific set of subjects that form the core.

In the Arts/Humanities stream, languages, both Indian and foreign; and subjects in social sciences such as geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology are offered. Career opportunities in this field cover a very broad range of which some are in archaeology, anthropology, arts, literature (both translations and original), law and journalism.

Moreover, as many of these subjects also form the skeleton of the syllabus for Civil Service Examinations, this stream would be highly recommended for those who aim to be administrators and representatives of our nation.

Even if one’s career options are not related to these subjects, as the subjects majorly deal with human behaviour, the subjects never lose relevance throughout the life of the student.

In the Commerce stream, subjects covered are those related to economics and mathematics, i.e. accountancy, business studies, economics, informatics practices and mathematics.

Heavily saturated with mathematical subjects, this enables one to eventually find a career in banking, accountancy, business studies and economic advisory boards.

Recent developments in the country have also aided in moulding students as entrepreneurs. This stream, hence, never ceases to amaze us with its immeasurable potential.

The Science stream is perhaps the most familiar stream for students of modern times. Subjects covered are biology, biotechnology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics. Conventionally, students of this stream eventually end up as engineers and medical doctors.

However, the much-ignored careers which are based on this stream include those of architects and scientists. Most importantly, several departments of the Government, both civil and military, are currently in the need for experienced and enthusiastic science graduates for research and general purposes.

This is one means of serving the country. As scientific discoveries and inventions are ever increasing, careers in Science and Technology are also highly competitive.

For those interested in multiple subjects from different streams, some Boards of Education, such as the CBSE, come to the rescue. They offer elective courses which the interested student can pick from the same or a different stream.

Additionally, for those who have not proceeded beyond class X or have had a break in their studies after class X, Open Schooling institutions provide ample opportunities for academic progress.

It is recommended that subject streams be chosen based on the student’s interest and long-term career goals and not simply based on ‘following the herd’ mentality. To conclude, different streams in class X offer equal opportunities for students to pursue a career in any profession.

Abhinav Kadambi


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