What is MyTrustedTutor.com

What is MyTrustedTutor.com?

MyTrustedTutor.com is an online platform that connects Private Tutors or Home Tutors with Students and Parents. Many aspects of learning involve a human touch which neither textbooks nor the internet can provide. And to learn this concept, you require a tutor who answers or solves queries, and an only personal tutor delivers this.

It is preferable for private tutors to either come home and teach the students or be close to their house. Difficulty in finding tutors inspired us and helped us to establish our online endeavor of www.MyTrustedTutor.com.

What important aspect do specialized human teachers have that is missing from the lifeless data accessible online?


Experience is precisely this aspect which will make directly learning from a Private Tutor exciting and uplifting.

But it is challenging to find the right qualified and experienced private tutors/teachers who can tailor the teaching method and mode specifically for the student.

Why finding a Private Tutor is difficult?

Private Tuition is highly unorganized, and each student has a different learning ability and learning needs. If Students or human-being would have been like a machine, then classroom teaching style would have benefitted students, but, learning is individualistic, and education should cater as per the needs of students.

So, getting these tutors scattered all over places if difficult, challenging, and time-consuming. Moreover, to find teachers as per your suitable time and availability of teachers become frustrating after some time.

How can MyTrustedTutor.com help in finding Tutors?

MyTrustedTutor.com is an attempt to list this unorganized segment of teachers at one place so that finding the teacher becomes an enjoyable experience rather than a time-consuming and frustrating experience.

Today, MyTrustedTutor.com has teachers from vast arena and discipline registered with us, but we still believe that a large number of teachers are not available. We are trying to connect all those teachers at one place

Why Should Tutors register at MyTrustedTutor.com?

We believe that Teachers have exceptional quality in teaching and should be able to focus and deliver the maximum amount of time in education. So, we want to take the pain of finding new tuition opportunities for teachers.

Why Students/Parents should inquire for Teachers at MyTrustedTutor.com?

At MyTrustedTutor.com, we believe in promoting the culture of learning and are excited to help students connect with potential private tutors for guaranteed high-quality tuitions. Our sincere efforts are towards making the process simple not only for students but also for private tutors.

Students can easily find private tutors (5000+ in our network) of their choice by just a click of the button and connect with them easily. Currently, private tutors can be contacted for a variety of subjects, including healthy school subjects and competitive exams.

With the steadily increasing support and best wishes from our growing client base, we have entered into a high growth phase.

At MyTrustedTutor.com, our work has come to prove that we stand for “Trust,” “Credibility,” and “Confidence” amongst the student and parent community.

The excellent learning experience has indeed become possible because of the superb tutoring experience which we facilitate. We would love to work together and build a unique eco-system for private tutors, students, and parents.

In which all the cities, I can find a tutor?

Currently, MyTrustedTutor.com is providing services across all metropolitan cities of India.

What’s unique about MyTrustedTutor.com?

We have hand-picked teachers who are highly qualified and deliver quality education, teaching, and learning experience.

We provide resourceful teachers and tutors through our website. Because of professionalism, most of the tutors have upper education level ranging from Bachelor’s degree to a Ph.D. Additionally you can find out profiles of tutors experience, itineraries, subjects, teaching methods, place of tutoring, etc. Having such grid of tutors it is easy to fit students for any reasonable cause

Students need to get a proper learning experience in the present world. So we attempt to reach beyond curriculum limits, by enabling tutoring facility for competitive exams like GMAT, CAT, GATE, IBPS, and UPSC. Also, placement related training is made available to pick up on students’ choice.

How the process at www.MyTrustedTutor.com works for a tutor?

Once your Tutor Profile gets completed and credential gets verified, you will start receiving SMS notifications, Email notifications or you can check from My Account page about the relevant Tuition Enquiry.

You can talk to Students/Parents and can share feedback with us. (Tips: We don’t encourage you to send details through SMS or WhatsApp, as MyTrustedTutor.com has already shared Tutor information with Students/Parents. As per our experience, 90% of students/parents will not respond to your SMS.)

Please note that all tuition inquiries are shared with the tutor only after Inquiry verification from Students/Parents.

As per the policy of MyTrustedTutor.com, a single inquiry is shared with only a few teachers (i.e., 3 to 5 tutors) initially.

How Should Tutors approach Students/Parents?

The first Call between Students/Parents and Teachers is crucial and critical; it sets the tone for future engagement.

Teachers should try to understand the exact and specific requirements of students/parents i.e., where the student is facing a problem and why he/she is looking for a tutor.

Try to know the requirement, locations, and timing/days. There will be questions from students/parents, where do you reside, how long you are teaching, have you explained earlier. What’s your style of teaching, how much do you charge?

Be prepared for all your questions, be clear with all your answers and query, it sounds odd that you are the tutor, how can Parents/Students ask so much.

Try to understand; it’s the future of a student. They are trying to become confident and comfortable and trying to ascertain, whether you are the “Right Tutor” or not

Many a time, it will happen that Student/Parent will not be able to talk, so ask the suitable time or drop a message. Many of them will like to meet personally and discuss or directly decide about Demo Class.

So, get prepared for the same. Fix the meeting date, after discussing mutual convenience and if you charge for Demo, make it clear beforehand.

Should Tuition Fee be communicated in First Call?

There is no right or wrong answer. If you have understood the requirements, locations, and timings of tuition assignment, you can communicate Tuition Fee.

Discussing fees without understanding requirements is suicidal, as you don’t know what their specific need is. You don’t know how much time and cost will be incurred in traveling.

Try to understand the requirement in detail and try to ascertain the student’s parent’s expectations. If students, parents are convinced, go for Demo/ trial class.

You decide to tell fees now, try to understand student availability too. Don’t commit if you cannot fulfill; else you are going to earn brownie points from MyTrustedTutor.com

  1. How much to charge for Tuition Fees?
  2. How much to charge for Demo class and what topics to cover and duration of demo class?

What can all things be discovered in MyTrustedTutor.com?

Chockfull blogs

Heading for tutoring services don’t end up with building bridges between students and tutors. To explore beyond the education limits, we hook up juicy contents in our blog pages. We cover several categories like academic blurbs, Career Planning and Advice, Entrance Exams, Job Post, Miscellaneous Blurbs, Social Issues, Students and Parents, Teachers and Trainers, and many more. What is more, the feedback on blog sharing builds a new circle.

Whats USP of MyTrustedTutor.com?

Quality Services & Flexible Choices

We recognize tutors and students as our valued folks, so our prerequisite will never put them in any boundary. We offer them with separate facilities and options to have better exploitation on our portal.

Design for students

In particular, the students can sort their tutors according to their expectations and subjects. Well, the service offers one to one relationship between students and tutors. To sense comfortability, students can find tutors individually or in classes. We ensure tutoring availability from school to college-level students with extended breaks. Tutors may have different fee structures, so students can choose suitable prices and tutors which they look for.

Design for Tutors

We strive to set our tutors in the way of positive persistent to our site. Tutors are unrestricted to structure their profiles, timings, place of tutoring, etc. Mytrustedtutor is a secure site. The service asks for personal information to make sure you are matched with the students. At affordable prices, we mutually comfort our tutors. We seek valuable feedbacks and suggestions that pledge us to the commitment.

The twosome catches isolated freedom to make their tutoring modes. Supplementary both will have a separate one to one communication with our administration to expand their request and suggestions. In case you posted any questions, we respond to you at earliest to help you.

Reliable provision to parent’s communal

We have maintained secure intervening communication with parents who want their children to be smart or looking to improve their scores. To reduce parent’s burden, we give them selected and quality tutoring services to their children. However, no visible access is available for parents, but the site is navigable and filled with information that parents will find useful.

Online tutoring is something more affordable than the traditional way of taking tuitions. In Mytrustedtuor.com, we always aim to extend our service to the future level of the learning experience. Mytrustedtutor.com will give you everything you need in a tutoring service.

How ‘My Trusted Tutor’ can help with specific subjects?

To enhance one’s knowledge, reading articles is an excellent habit. One can get hold over items either in print form or in electronic form. There are various sources available to get essays in print form as well as in electronic form. Out of all causes, the internet is one of the best sources.

Many websites on the internet daily publish many articles on their blog. Among all those, ‘My Trusted Tutor’ is one which supplies people with ample knowledge. The pieces that are posted on My Trusted Tutor’s blog are written by professionals who are highly trained and hold specifications. Writers of the blog always keep in mind to fulfill the primary purpose of My Trusted Tutor, that is, to guide students in their studies.

The articles that are found here are very inspirational and helpful for students in their studies. These articles also act as a great help for students who get into academic research. One can find a vast number of items on ‘My Trusted Tutor’ that too on different topics like on Time management, on how to cope with exam stress, etc. such articles teaches students specific methods and tricks for active learning and help them to get good grades in their academics.

Articles that are based on particular subjects like History, Mathematics explains students the real importance of these subjects in their studies, in their curriculum and serve them as a basis to see things from a different perspective.

Take an example of an article on Journalism, which has been published on My Trusted Tutor’s blog. This article, first of all, tells the true definition of Journalism, and then it introduces readers with the procedure to be an accomplished journalist. It also tells about what sort of degree and practice is required for it. And In the end, it tells readers about several colleges where one can get a degree in Journalism.

Articles like this give a vivid knowledge of a particular field and stream. They prepare a mindset for one builds up one’s confidence to boldly choose any career. These articles provide a thorough knowledge of every area in advance.

Moreover, the website also publishes some articles on research work. Such materials open up a space for students and provide them with new knowledge. At times, these articles even explain certain concepts and theories to students who are not taught so well in the books. The website also supplies students with a wide range of items which are written by scholars. These scholarly articles help students to understand things better and even improve in critical analysis.

By providing a variety of articles, ‘My Trusted Tutor’ hence acts as a great medium where students can get any type of material irrespective of their standard requirement. It publishes such articles that not only enhance student’s knowledge but also motivates them and guide them in their studies. These articles act as a tool for students and sharpen their reading skills.

By publishing more and more articles on their blog, ‘Trusted Tutor’ tries to make students an active reader. Students almost regularly visit the blog to catch hold of some good articles for their work. ‘My Trusted Tutor’ therefore, truly fulfills its primary objective of serving people with the best quality education in the form of articles.

What’s the opportunity for Freelance Tutors

Freelance tutors trying to find comfortable employment and a relevant student audience have various inconveniences associated with their jobs. Marketing of services; commuting to sometimes a far off locality for teaching; and prolonged word-of-mouth means of publicity all add to the ever-shortening time available to prepare and teach students.

Not only is time lost, but a considerable amount of energy is lost. As tutors face a time and energy crunch, their teaching quality takes a blow. Thus, the tutor ends up in a vicious cycle where resources are ever-shortening, and stress is ever-increasing.

Here is how we come to the rescue!

Tutors registered with us on our online portal enjoy various professional benefits.

Registered tutors need not worry about the marketing of their services anymore. After registering with us, we make their profiles more visible online to potential students.

By periodically updating various professional details in their online profile, registered tutors can easily modify what their target audience can see. Profiles can be updated in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to our comfortable online environment, the tutors need not keep wasting any of their precious time for marketing and can focus more on their teaching.

Most tutors, students, and their parents prefer classes to be in their locality. This makes it easier to commute to and fro the course for all the people involved. Parents find it easier to drop and pick up their children while students find it less tiring.

Moreover, the tutors find it less stressful to be in a neighborhood close to their house. But finding students in the same locality is very difficult. With our innovative strategy, tutors can easily find and interact with potential students in their area. This snowballs their student audience and increases their demand in their vicinity.

From buying books to cars, pickle flavors to travel destinations, we all depend on the reviews of our peers.

If reviews of lifeless commercial products are essential for our decisions, then it makes sense that several life-changing decisions, such as finding the right tutor for students, also require reviews. We, at MyTrustedTutor.com, offer a revolutionary tutor reviewing process meant to streamline the decision of choosing the right tutor.

Students can review their tutor through a secure online process on our portal. Students’ reviews of tutors help the tutor’s profile reach the intended audience. It further clarifies many doubts even before any direct interaction.

While word-of-mouth publicity is slow and takes a lot of time, our online student review feature speeds up publicity. The tutor’s credibility is increased in a step by step fashion with every new student taught by him/her.

With all these benefits at hand, hopefully, you are convinced that we can help you if you join us.

What are the Benefits of Inquiring Tutors at MyTrustedTutor.com for Students or Parents?

We help you build a network with teachers by connecting you to the teachers across several disciplines.

We believe in providing the best resource to our customers. Solomon Ortiz said, “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact on the lives of their students.” We completely stand by this saying.

We strive to help you engage with the mentor of your choice. For professionals pressed for time, MyTrustedTutor.com acts as the cradle that brings to you the private teacher who meets your kid’s educational/vocational needs.

We help you meet teachers from various domains. Be it Science, Arts, Economics, Foreign Languages(French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.), Indian Languages (Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, etc.) the portal has been designed to make it really easy and convenient for students and teachers to find tutors online for private tutoring.

We also have registered teachers who can help you prepare for competitive exams like CET, CAT, MH-CET, GMAT, SNAP, NMAT, AIEEE, and IIT-JEE.

Many of our registered tutors are also interested in helping you learn musical instruments (Tabla, violin, guitar, etc.) Dance (Indian, Western, Hip-Hop), Yoga, Drawing, Painting, Calligraphy, and many more.

  1. You will be able to find qualified teachers for your child’s education. We help you associate with the teacher who will have plans designed to fit the needs of the student.
  2. You will have the advantage of a whole teacher to yourself. Private teachers help students with their lesson plans. Receiving private tutoring acts as a valuable asset for the student to learn and rise in their career life.

Parents are always looking for ways to advance learning for their children and boost grades. Parents who have a busy work life need a tutor who will guide their children and help them with school work.

Home tutoring remains accepted for countless reasons. First and foremost, it is convenient because tutors come to you. Secondly, time is flexible.

If you and your family plan on vacation, a private teacher can help you set classes on alternative dates, and makes sure that your ward doesn’t miss out on any courses.

Among all the benefits of appointing a private tutor, the best part is, you get to pick your tutor.

And the next best thing is, MyTrustedTutor.com makes your task easy in finding the right tutor for your child.

We believe, an excellent private tutor will give students the confidence they need to step ahead in life and proper knowledge and way of thinking to succeed.

Why sharing Feedback of Student/Parent is essential?

It is a trend we have observed: tutors who shared feedback with us meticulously got more assignments and fetched higher levels of tuition conversion.

Feedbacks are essential in business conversations as we can gauge our performance that way. They provide a useful finishing effect.

Some tutors share feedbacks on their initiative, and we sincerely appreciate their efforts. We stock more inquiries with them, too.

It is a part of a mutually rewarding process because you make our process fast and efficient. Such efforts also showcase your seriousness and commitment.

We understand that as dedicated professionals, your schedules are busy and such activities (of sharing feedbacks and a couple of other administrative compliances) slip from your head.

This is why we make sure that reminders are sent to you because we believe in the benefits of doubt. Maybe you are confused about the kind of feedback to share. Any feedback is good feedback- sharing is caring, after all.

Let us take an example of a case that is not suiting your skills or timings or efforts. Maybe they are fit for some other teachers who would appreciate such feedback and work on them.

To err is to human- we try to be as correct as possible in our business requirements, but we are open to genuine errors and fallacies, too. This is where your feedback helps us, and ultimately yourself.

What to talk about during the first meeting and Demo?

A common question that plagues newbies and beginners is: “I am new to private tuition and don’t know how much to charge?”

To answer that, first ask yourself:

What are your abilities and strength?

Does your talent validate you charging high fees?

Of course, no one is stopping you from doing the latter. You are free to do whatever but remember! If you do not deliver, it is going to backfire against you. There are no hard and fast rules for setting your limits, but your fee should cover the following aspects:

  • Your transport costs
  • Your marketing costs
  • Rewarding your talents and skills
  • Your efforts

Since these variables are different for different individuals, the fees are different, too. One thing to remember here is that we have observed that when you charge anything less than Rs. 250/- per session (with one course spanning 60 to 90 minutes), your motivation will dissipate sooner or later.

Because we are all humans at the end of the day, ruled by the same psychological rules and parameters. You might feel that your skills are not being rewarded correctly, and hence, you may give lesser effort and ultimately give up on the assignment in to-to.

Of course, it follows that we will not let this slide by quickly- this is a severe act of noncompliance and breach of our code of conduct and we will be forced to put you in a blacklist.

That translates into us not sending you many articles, sometimes none at all! We do not want to do that, and we believe that you don’t either. Hence, do not do something which affects you negatively in the long term.

So we have come to the end of this descriptive guide. We hope it will help us both grow and prosper and simultaneously mutually benefit from each other.

Come, join us and be a part of an innovative revolution in the domain of teaching.


Co-Founder, MyTrustedTutor.com

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