Which Tutor is Most Suitable for Your Child?

Finding Tutors

In today’s increasingly academically conscious world simply entrusting a tutor with your child isn’t enough.

You need to find that perfect fit and yes, thanks to development in professionalism and specialization in recent years, doing so is possible. The solution to the problem of finding a suitable tutor for your child can be broadly categorized into two parts-

The Child- Parenting today is one humongous task and you need all the help you can get.

The stress of homework, peer pressure and the fear of failing as all fields today require excellence- your child requires a support base that needs to be provided by you both financially and emotionally.

Endeavoring to find out your ward’s strengths and weaknesses, theoretical as this might sound , could really be made quite simple:

  • Monitor your child’s school progress. Talk to teachers.
  • Enrol her/him in as many extra-curricular classes as possible giving her/him the liberty to decide what she/he wants to do with a little observation from your side of course.
  • Let your child decide his own life priorities. Help him only if he is indecisive and asks for your help either directly or indirectly.
  • Once this is done, support her/him in reaching the goals she/he has set for her/himself rather than the ones you set for him.

The Tutor-Coming to the second part of the solution, your child needs a tutor who can give her/him the extra and necessary support which you cannot provide. Thus, to ensure that the tutor you hire is best suited for your ward, following this checklist will help:

  • Is he qualified enough? A Math teacher cannot teach physics especially if the child is aspiring for an engineering course which will require high levels of expertise.
  • Tutors who have actually undergone special training to sharpen their teaching skills would be the best option.
  • What are his tutoring methods? For example, does he give every child individual attention or believes in group interaction? Choose one depending on your child’s learning ability.
  • Experienced tutors will have the ability to accommodate a wide variety of students under their guidance thus increasing their suitability level.
  • Resources are one point most of us usually overlook when looking for a tutor since we as parents haven’t really moved forward into to the age of technology. With schools becoming hi-tech, the desirable tutor must catch up on his technological knowledge. For instance, it would be great if your child’s tutor can conduct audio-visual classes once in a while, possible with easy access to internet these days.
  • A suitable tutor must have good recommendations from ex students.

While it is up to you to do the first part, MyTustedTutor.com ensures that you have no difficulty in covering you suitable tutor checklist. In fact, it will do half the work for you including other benefits like narrowing down tutors location wise and giving you a list of tutors in your computer screen instead of having to talk to a million people about it.

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