An Insight into the Problems Teachers Face!

Problems Teachers Face

This article penned by Pratyasha Ghosh delves into several problems teachers face while teaching in the contemporary times with inclusion of technology etc.

Teaching is a job that has always demanded a lot of time, patience and effort. Over the years however the challenges have intensified resulting in a lot of modifications in the technical aspects of teaching. Our analysis of teaching problems has yielded five basic challenges-

Parents- Absurd as it may sound parents more often than not do become a hindrance to smooth teaching as they are mostly either over anxious or least bothered.

Parents play a substantial part in the child’s wholesome development but for this the right amount of involvement is necessary.

Parents who are too concerned interfere with the teacher’s methods while those who do not bother, give too much burden to the teacher as it is not possible for him/her to give full time guidance.

Child behavior pattern- Gone are the days when teaching only entailed lecturing and delegating homework. Today teachers also need to be child psychologists as contemporary societies have complicated children.

A student in stress (thanks to ever increasing competition and pressure) will never be able to learn and it is a teacher’s responsibility to act as a problem-solving agent as and when required, a job many teachers find difficult to handle.

Assessment- Assessing a students work and judging his/her capabilities based on such assessment has always been a primary problem teacher’s face. The aim is to be as impartial as possible and try to push the average student.

There are many things such as sincerity, intelligence, smartness, confidence, etc. that need to be examined with precision. This becomes increasingly difficult if the teacher has a large number of students to take care of.

Giving individual and cumulative attention simultaneously will definitely solve the problem but this feat is quite difficult to achieve.

Technology- All kids today are techno-savvy, something teachers, especially those who grew up before the 90s, need to catch up with. Back then, what the teacher said was law, today Google is the lawgiver.

The internet has demolished the hierarchical teacher-student relationship and established in its place an environment more conducive to collaborative and interactive growth.

While this result of academic evolution has its pros and cons, the challenge it poses to teaching is eminent, the teacher thus always needs to be doubly sure of every fact or face the attack of confident students who say ‘Google’ before ‘Sir/Madam’.

The solution thus would be to embrace the advent of technology and rather use it as a tool to aid teaching. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. can be used to share information. The fact that it would generate the student’s interest is an added bonus.

Education system- The Indian system of education is not a monolith, it is a fluid institution that constantly discards old and obsolete methods to facilitate new ideas and systems that will globalize the average Indian student and place him at par with international students.

Though this is advantageous as far as the student is concerned, for the teacher it is a cause of worry for he constantly needs to update his teaching methods.

Even academically learned techniques need to be discarded for newer rules. However, a good teacher will have the capacity to change with changing times.

Pratyasha Ghosh

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