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What to consider Before Hiring a Tutor?

Advice for Parents/Students

” What to consider before hiring a Tutor” penned by Arundhati Sarkar is an extensive insight into what factors should be checked before hiring tutors as advice for parents/students.

Appointing a private tutor has become quite an essential thing today. With both parents working, children need a mentor who can fill that void and guide and support them with their studies.

The tutor has an important role play in the development and learning process of a child.

Some of the basic things that should be considered before hiring a private tutor: Ask questions that are crucial to you, look carefully at references, and use your instinct as to whether this trainer is a good fit for your child.

The student should be given the chance to interact too. Getting a feedback from the student before making a final hiring decision is important.

After all, the tutor and the student has to work as a team, and hence the opinion of the learner is valuable.

Firstly appointing a private tutor for your child is a complicated task, but we will ease your struggle with

One of the major decisions that come on the way of hiring a tutor is which tutor would enhance their child’s learning capabilities and best understand the needs of the student.

This appears to be one of the hardest problems for the parent. is an institution who believes in introducing tutors with proper certifications in the hands of the parents who are looking for the best mentor for their children.

The number of people who practice tutoring today is countless, and hence it’s a challenge to meet the right person. Another question that might come to your mind while you are on the lookout for a private tutor for child is, where do you find the right tutor for your child?

We at give you the platform to pick the mentor of your choice. Appoint a teacher who is trained and certified in the professional practice of tutoring.

The tutor must be reliable and safe for your child’s needs. Having the required experience, certifications, and skills to offer to your child is something that you should consider before you choose the private tutor.

So how do you know who will be a good fit for your student?

Hiring a private tutor is just like hiring a professional with the right skill set and expertise in the subject that he needs to deal in.

Tutors not only deliver content information, or help solve a problem, they influence, prepare, challenge, and provide feedback to the learner.

The tutor will not just deal with the everyday academic assignment, but also take the responsibility to interact with the learner on a holistic level, meaning, that the tutor and student will work together as a team to meet certain goals.

The parent should see if the tutor holds the capability to communicate ideas and thoughts and explain texts in simplest language.

Also, you are under no obligation to continue with the same tutor if you are not satisfied.  You can always appoint another tutor of your choice. The tutor should guide the student to achieve increased independence as a learner.

A quick look at the basic questions that will help you choose the best tutor for your child.

Question 1: What is your specific goal in hiring a tutor?

Question 2: What is the academic background and tutoring background?

Question 3: How much are you willing to spend?

Question 4: How do you define your role as the tutor?

Question 5: What credentials, certifications, and/or degrees the tutor holds hold?

Question 6: Where will the tutor meet your child?

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