Importance of History: An Academic View

Studying History

This article elaborates why studying and pursuing history from an academic perspective is important and enriching. Read on for more info.

All the subjects that are taught in school have certain contribution in the upbringing of children. Even then, some of the subjects are simply ignored by students while studying. Student generally, adds such subjects in the category of being “boring”.

History is among one of them. Most students dislike this subject because they believe it does not contain any logic, according to them one just needs to spit out the names of famous dead people and specific dates in it.

Actually children don’t understand the real importance of history in their life. History plays a greater role in understanding society. It tells us about important past events that helps us to shape present society. It helps us to understand the changes that happened in past but which in turn, affected our present, future.

Take an example of invention of Telephone by Alexander Gram Bell, which is till today is so useful and is so common and have become part of household as it makes communication so easy and quick.

History moreover, helps us to be a better human being. It gives us a better understanding of world and teaches us certain lessons from past events. It makes us aware as not to repeat mistakes that our ancestors did.

There are always a bunch of students in each class who simply love to study history as it serves as folklore to them. They connect their own lives to it and inspire themselves.

Such children really get amused after reading a single chapter of history and start thinking about it by applying their own imagination to it. They also find a sense of identity in historical events as history helps them know where they belonged to.

So in order to make history more interesting, it should be personified, it should be multicultural.  It would help children at the time of studying history as then they could relate history to themselves and understand the mythological and past events more clearly.

Jaspreet Kaur

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