Who runs the school?

Who runs the school?

In India, school is a non-profitable entity. And schools broadly falls into 2 category private school and Government school. Government schools are run by either Central Govt. State govt. Or by municipality. Again, many Govt company runs school for the welfare of their employees. On the other side, private schools are run by Trustees. So, we have convent schools run by Christian missionaries, Madarsa run by Muslim community. Then, There are national level chain of schools or state level chain or city based schools. Private companies run their school, charitable organization run their schools.
You must be wondering, if school is a non-profitable entity, then why there is so much interest from different sections of the society to run it. Each section has different objectives. Govt schools to promote social welfare of the society, same goes with private schools. We need to understand in detail, which objections, they fulfill. Next question comes

Who affiliates these schools?
Schools are CBSE board, ICSE board, state board, ib and igcse board. Commonly called, international board. Then there is open school called Nios. Is there any parameters for affiliation of school. Of course, there is?

Who decides the syllabus of schools?
Again respective board decides syllabus and prescribe model book. Further, syllabus gets updated on a periodical basis.

Who regulated these school?
Education is a state subject.

How runs the school?
School is formed by the board of Trust and it is formed as a non-profitable entity u/s 25 of the company act. These Trustees, overall sees the operation of running schools. Day to day affair is taken by school management, which constitute Principal and other staff.

Why Teachers salary is so less? Is there any minimum salary standard in India?
Salary of central and state government teachers are decided by pay commission and private schools have to match that structure or salary band.

Are all teachers permanent in school?
No, Teachers are appointed on adhoc basis, temporary basis, which generally runs for less than a year. Is minimum salary given to teacher.

How teachers are appointed in schools?
To appoint teacher, schools publish advertisement in newspaper, or directly in website or in several job portal. Get reference from present employed teacher.

Why there are more female teachers in school than Male Teacher.
In primary section, female teacher dominates. The reasons are many: Female teacher gels with small kids, work is easy going. The most important thing is that their salaries are very low. And no male teacher can run his home with that salaries. Because of this reason, you will hardly find good teachers in school, they take private tuition or teach in coaching class.

Is taking Private Tuition legal?

Why school education has become expensive?


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