No Standard Charges for Private Tuition: Reasons and Counters

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What is a private tuition?

One of the fast growing industry in the current scenario is the tuition industry. In India, like any other developing countries, we follow a practice of taking tuitions, parallel to the formal system of education, in order to supplement academic support and to overcome school inadequacies.

Tuitions are taken by students in std 2 to grad students. In recent years, private tutoring is seen to emerge as a major force because of the result of both demand and market mechanisms.

In fact, in terms of its nature, extent and importance it is comparable to the formal system or, it is like a shadow of the formal system. In other words, private tutoring acts as surrogate mother as schools became ineffective.

Student take up private tuitions primarily because of two reasons, the major one being that  struggling to keep up with their school work and their marks have dropped in the past couple of years; or because they are maintaining good grades and wish to excel further.

Private tutoring satisfies the need of both groups and is beneficial to students who need to lift their marks as well as to those who wish to achieve even greater results. A lot of students studying  from 10th  to 12th  often reap the most benefits of private tutoring as they have to prepare for their tertiary education.


In recent years, there is a hike in the educated population, and the number of students taking secondary education soar. As the demand for seats could not be met by the existing schools, the number of students in a single class increased.

Thus, individual attention could not be given to the students, which in turn, proves to be a hindrance in the growth in terms of knowledge, especially at the secondary level. Private tuitions fills this void by giving personal attention to all its students.

With the hectic schedule that the working class people in cities go through, it becomes very difficult for them to keep a track of their ward’s growth. Tutors fill this vacuum, and assist the students with their career.

Moreover, with the help of a private tutor, a student can take up the responsibility of his own studies, by realising his personal growth. As his marks start to improve, a student recognizes his own talent and skill set and feel motivated to continue working hard. This can be only achieved with the help of a private tutor.


The fee charged by the tutor is basically on the following basis:

  1. The Experience and the educational qualifications of the tutor.

It is said that a smart person learns from his own mistake, while the smartest learns from others’ mistake. An experienced and a well-qualified tutor will be able to impart the a lot of things in his student, what a less experienced person cannot do.

  1. The subject 

Subjects like English, or Hindi require comparatively less attention, as when compared to subjects like Maths, or Physics. More the attention required, more will be the effort that has to be put by a tutor.

  1. Location of teaching

Now a days, students prefer teachers who come to their place to teach, as buys a lot of time to the student, which is usually wasted in travelling. It requires a good amount of effort by a tutor to travel from his place to the student’s place.

  1. Timings

Tutors take up tuitions based on the availability of the students. Tuitions can start as early as 5 am, or extend till 11 into the night.

Thus, based on the above parameters, the fee charged by a tutor varies, and hence, there is no standard charges for private tuitions.

Varun Iyer

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