Zoom Advance

An Advance level course on How to Teach on Zoom

What is Course Time for Zoom Advance?

60 Minutes (1 Hour)

Who will teach or train for this Course?

Any of below instructors:

  1. Mahesh Jain

More Instructors and facilitators are on-boarding

What is the Course Fee for the Live session?

INR 200 for one session (Batch Size: 30-50 participants)

When is Course Scheduled?

The Course is scheduled on the following Date and Time.

Sunday, 7th June 2020 (3pm-4pm) by Mahesh Jain

What will you learn from this Course in Zoom Advance?

  1. How to use Zoom Whiteboard on Mobile and Computer
  2. How to use Annotation Tools on Mobile and Computer
  3. How to do Screen Sharing Advance Features
  4. How to show PPT, PDF Files and Online Videos
  5. How to use Breakout Rooms (Small Classroom discussion in different groups)
  6. How to do Polling
  7. How to do Indian Jugaad/alternative for Whiteboard
  8. How to effectively use Smart Phone for teaching
  9. Essentials Do’s and Don’t of Teaching Online.
  10. How to safeguard against Cyber-Fraud

What are the requirements for taking Zoom Advance?

  1. A Laptop or A Desktop or a Tablet or a Smartphone
  2. A good pair of headphones (Recommended, not mandatory)
  3. Previous knowledge of Zoom Essential and Zoom Basics

What will you get?

  1. A Certificate of completion
  2. An E-Book and a recorded edition of Video

Who should attend this Course?

  1. An ideal course for Teachers who are teaching online but want to know advance features

How to enroll for the Course?

  • Registration open for this course.
  • Change of Date and Time is allowed once and should be communicated 24 Hours in advance.

What if I don’t like the Course?

  1. Full Refund of Course Fee (No Questions asked) or,
  2. Attend one more session in next 7 Days

For any query, do email at [email protected]

Questions asked for live session on 07 June 2020:

Q1: How to save white board?

Q2: can we use other App during zoom meeting by sharing screen option

Q3: how to use mobile phone along with laptop

Q4: how to use remote control access and where?

Q5: how to put particular participants in the break out room and select, we need to have have link, mail id or what?

Q6: There is one option enable/disable original sound what it is ?

Q7: I tried share video using my mobile phone, but the video was not visible to the attendees, it was just audible… what zoom setting is required?

Q8: how to connect the mobile with laptop

Q9: sometimes in my class ,when I show ppt share to my students ,but ppt does not work properly slide wise.

Q10: can typing be done on whiteboard

Q11: how to do Geometry constructions using white board

Q12: Can we share whiteboard and PPT simltaneously

Questions asked for Live session on 24th May 2020

Q1: How to upload videos from any source and play it effectively


Questions asked for Live session on 9th May 2020

Q1: How to draw diagrams and how to write chemical equations?

Q2: How to do Screen sharing on mobile, because I don’t have laptop or PC?

Q3: How to do zoom meeting for pre-primary?

Q4: How to use Whiteboard teaching and Wacom usage?

Q5: How to do Online Preschool Training?

Feedback for Zoom Advanced on 7th June 2020:

I learnt how to use zoom for online teaching effectively, with so many details I did not know about. Learned about many features and how to use them.

Teacher (Anonymous)

Now today’s session was very good, I got to learn a lot, which I can use in the next zoom class, I thought the best is your mobile idea, I would also like to use it once in my class. Thanks a lot

Teacher (Anonymous)

Hello sir!
Session seems interesting and best part was that i hand hand on experience as well.
it was clear and precise.
Over all it was good

Teacher (Anonymous)

Amazing session sir
So many things I got to know !

It is surely going to be helpful to conduct my future class via zoom app

I loved the idea of using phones back camera, what a useful trick !!

Thank you so much for your valuable inputs

Teacher (Anonymous)

Overall good informative as u explained app usage on both laptop and mobile..it was commendable

Feedback received for Zoom Advanced session on 31st May 2020:

Ms. Pratibha tells:

  1. You were very clear
  2. Answered all queries
  3. Was audible
  4. Slides were self-explanatory
  5. Participants were also interacting and excited to know more
  6. Both mobile and laptop buttons u could show and explain simultaneously.
  7. That’s a plus point

Ms. Amsa says:

It was a wonderful session.
The way you took the session itself gave a lot of ideas on how to keep students engaged and allow them also to participate and clearing their doubts. Thank you for answering my questions. Expecting more such sessions

One of the School Co-ordinator

Thank you Sir. Today session will help us to take online classes. We all teachers have given a 2 demo lessons and observed by other teachers. There was a positivity in all teachers after observing demo lesson. All my teachers had attended your first session on how to use Zoom for online teaching . All teachers then started giving demo lessons. They themselves were very happy. Thank u Sir for motivating my teachers

One of the School Principal

After attending your first workshop we i.e myself and my Principal planned out the practise sessions for our teacher where they would do micro-teaching of one unit of the subject they are teaching .

Right from std 5th to std 10th..Because of your workshop on Basics of Zoom they could do it successfully. ,(Most of our teachers had attended this workshop.

While using the zoom app I did face certain difficulties. Today’s workshop has solved all those difficulties of mine and made me more confident of using it. Now I am more confident to use White board for teaching Geometry and for ray diagrams of physics. I use iPad and so I can use a simple stylus for white board .

Thanks a lot for sharing the way you have used whiteboard. Now I will also explore itmore to see where all I can use it.your use of annotations for PDF has given me an idea of how I can use it for geometry along with Geogebra app
Thanks once again

Feedback for Zoom Advanced session on 9th May 2020

Jayshree (Teacher)- New technology

Juliet (Teacher)- It was informative

Damini (Teacher)- Hands on learning experience

Geeta (Teacher)- Information about conducting sessions effectively, small personal tips.

Chhaya (Teacher)- Use of different tools,white board etc.

Sonali (Teacher)- How to use the application in very minute ways

Varsha (Teacher)- Interaction between teaching community. Sharing experiences is very important. People were asking questions so you come to know problems a well.

Indu (Teacher)- Writing on paper a displaying on screen

Julie (Teacher)- Very informative…which helped alot

Suman (Teacher) The information shared by participants as well as by speaker

Aditi (Teacher)- The content and the way it was taught


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