Zoom Essential & Zoom Basics

A Beginner course on How to Teach on Zoom

What is Course Time for Zoom Essential and Zoom Basics?

60 Minutes (1 Hour)

Who will teach or train for this Course?

Any of below instructors:

  1. Mahesh Jain or
  2. Jayshree Kapadia

More Instructors and facilitators are on-boarding

What is the Course Fee for the Live session?

INR 150 for one session (Batch Size: 30-50 participants)

When is Course Scheduled?

The Course on Zoom Essentials and Zoom Basics will be organized with a group-size of 10 participants. And, if interested, pre-register. You will be notified, when Zoom Course gets scheduled.

What will you learn from this Course in Zoom essential and Zoom Basics?

  1. How to create an account in Zoom
  2. How to host, attend and Schedule a meeting (i.e., Class) in Zoom
  3. How to switch off your camera and Students Camera in Zoom
  4. How to do audio settings in Zoom
  5. How to chat in a Zoom Meeting (or Classes)
  6. How to record a Zoom Meeting
  7. How to change Background in a Meeting
  8. How to express Emotions in a Zoom Meeting
  9. How to do Screen Sharing
  10. How to share Videos/PPT (Basics)
  11. How to use Whiteboard (Basics)
  12. Add-on: How to teach on Mobile and Computer Device Simultaneously

Requirements for taking Zoom essential and Zoom Basics?

  1. A Laptop or A Desktop or a Tablet or a Smartphone
  2. A good pair of headphones (Recommended, not mandatory)
  3. No previous knowledge or experience required.

What will you get?

  1. A Certificate of completion
  2. An E-Book and a recorded edition of Video

Who should attend this Course?

  1. An ideal course for Teachers who are entirely new to teaching online

How to enroll for Course?

  • Registration open for this course
  • Change of Date and Time is allowed once and should be communicated 24 Hours in advance.

What if I don’t like Course?

  1. Full Refund of Course Fee (No Questions asked) or,
  2. Attend one more session in next 7 Days

For any query, do email at [email protected]

Questions asked by Participants:

Questions asked and answered in the previous event?

Q1: Where is the option to end the meeting?

Q2: If I want to swap from laptop to mobile during class how do I do it?

Q3: how are you using laptop and mobile simultaneously?

Q4: How do we get to see all the participants together on one screen?

Q5: How to see everyone on the screen I have 36 students, how to narrow the grid?

Q6: How to send invite link to participants ?

Q7: How do we show PPT through phone while conducting your class as well?

Q8: During screen share how to see participants especially who are answering my questions

Q9: can I wear headphones and share the video?

Q10: can we record our lecture from mobile, if yes how?

Q11: can I wear my headphones while showing video, will my students hear the audio of the video

Q12: How do we get the grid?

Q13: How make our lecture interesting while taking online lecture?

Q14: how to incorporate PDF, videos and PPT in Zoom or other platforms

Feedback for the session on 24th May 2020:

The features of zoom…. effectiveness of online teaching

Teaching online with zoom on mobile as well as laptop

How to nteract between students and teacher easily using zoo

Personal settings of host.
How to communicate online
Precautions needed to take care

Sharing a presentation

All Zoom Controls.. settings, on laptop and mobile phone

lot of activities and lecture preparation and presentation on zoom

Annotations absolutely

Many things n found using zoom on laptop gives u more options

Basics of zoom app and it’s use in different electronic gadgets- mobile, & laptop for effective online teaching.

Application of Zoom App

All zoom app settings which we were not aware about and it is really very helpful for us teachers. Thanks to Mahesh sir.

Arrange zoom meeting for online teaching

On line learning by Tutor who can start on Line teaching

Feedback for the session on 20th May 2020:

Anonymous (Teacher)-

  1. Confident and well prepared
  2. PPT was informative and specific in terms of using Zoom on the laptop and mobile
  3. Randomly asking participants to give reactions which was keeping alert though as adults
  4. Constant check of voice and video and also chats was looked into
  5. You answered even to in house teachers without neglecting them

Teacher- Really useful and good sessions Mahesh. Far more practical than any other sessions i have attended so far. Covered all the basic aspects of the conducting of lectures on Zoom and also stepwise restructuring was good. And 100 Participants!! Thats fantastic for First Workshop Online.

Bharat (Teacher)- Lot many things for online teaching

Anjali (Teacher)- Online teaching methods

Ansari (Teacher)- To overcome difficulties while conducting online lecture

(Teacher)- Controls of Zoom, i gained confidence in using this app to teach now.

Trusha (Teacher)- How to use zoom app on laptop and phone (mobile)

Nausheen (Teacher)- Some new things about scheduling a meeting especially

Anwesha (Teacher)- The tools to use while teaching online and how to use tjtm

Shweta (Teacher)- Details of zoom

Arti (Teacher)- Only basics of using Zoom

Sonali (Teacher)- Application of zoom app and it’s various features.

Shenaz (Teacher)- New techniques n innovative ideas for online teaching

Princely (Teacher)- How to be a host on zoom .. Even the use of white board was discussed properly

Feedbacks for the session on 6th June 2020:

Chaitali: wonderful session !! thank you so much

Sonia: Thank you good session i am looking forward for tomorrow session


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